How I Transformed My Life In 4 Simple, Spiritual Steps

Written by Tara Mullarkey

Before I left my New York City corporate banking career, I was stuck in the fear that plagues most of us. I didn't like my job, I was working most of the time, and my social life was suffering. I felt there was something more meaningful and creative inside of me, but I had no idea what. And without that clarity, I was scared. 

Do I have to start all over again?How am I going to financially support myself?What if I get stuck here forever?What if I never have the career, partner, and family I dream of because I'm working so damn hard at a job I hate?

This slowly started as a discomfort....and year after year of the same, it became a deep fear. The longer I stayed, the more I knew I was tied in – my livelihood relied on the financial security of this career. And the longer I stayed, the more my creativity and happiness decreased. My aliveness was slowly dying.

By an act of grace, I started reading two of Oprah's book suggestions (A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle) and they profoundly changed my life. Up until that point I was silently searching for an answer, a way out, a million dollar idea, anything!

And when I read about love and presence, my soul knew it as truth. My spirit awakened and I began my journey from a life of familial and societal expectation to one of joy and adventure.

Soon after beginning these practices, I was laid off from my corporate job. I happily took my severance package, first to the Bahamas for a yoga intensive and teacher training and then for an extended 3 year spiritual sabbatical in Thailand, India, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Europe, and Morocco. I am now blessed to live abroad by the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, Mexico.

These are the four steps I recommend if you're trying to transform your life. They dramatically changed mine:

1. Notice fear.

A spiritual practice in itself, just bringing awareness to my thought tendencies...negative/positive, fearful/loving, open/closed. I slowly became aware of the conditioned thoughts of my mind and how they affected my life.

2. Develop an everyday spiritual practice. 

I began a twice-weekly yoga practice and began sitting for short meditations before bed. Almost immediately I felt a sense of “space” and “peace” that I had never felt before.

3. Start to feel into your decisions.

In a short amount of time, I was much more 'in touch' with my body. For so long, I lived in my head. College, graduate school, and society in general encourage a lot of mental activity. Although I was physically active, I was totally out of touch with my heart. Once I began yoga and conscious breathing, I began to feel my way through life.

4. Envision what you want. 

All of these practices together helped my mind slow down. I was able to watch the thoughts like floating clouds and became less attached to the past or future. This release gave me space for getting clear on the kind of life I wanted to create.

Then, I was able to direct my mind and in turn began to manifest wild, amazing experiences.

Start these four practices today to finally escape the cubicle and start living the life you dream about.

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