How To Make It Easy To Be Awesome

Have you ever heard the theory that, in addition to being divided into believers and skeptics, cat people and dog people, black licorice lovers and haters, this world is divided into 'abstainers' and 'moderators'?

A moderator is someone who can calmly, judiciously take part in a food/activity/vice in a wise and healthy manner. An abstainer is someone who ... can't.

I am the latter.

I don't have any of the following:

  • A coffee maker
  • A TV
  • Carbs or cheese in my cupboards
  • A data plan on my phone

I can hear you crying through your computer screen: "Sarah! This is madness! Why are you such a weirdo!?"

Because, guys. I can't be trusted with any of those. It is not an exaggeration to say that left to my own devices, I would eat noodles with cheese and drink coffee and watch Parks and Rec all day, every day. While reading the internet on my phone.

Occasionally I think that I've developed some level of self-control and I buy a round of Queso Fresco.

And then I eat it all in one day. While watching Nashville.

Since I'm not really great at being free-range awesome, I had to create a plan. A way to make it easier to be awesome. And here it is:

Make It More Difficult to Do Non-Awesome Stuff

Trying to be productive?

Block yourself from social media sites, close your office door, go somewhere without WiFi and use Google docs offline.

Want to get over your ex?

Delete their number, unfriend and unfollow, remove all the evidence of the relationship from your space.

You'd like to be more active?

Put your workout clothes next to your bed every night, find a workout buddy, park as far from the mall as possible.

Wanna eat healthy?

Throw out your junk food, bring a healthy option to the potluck, and when your friends invite you for lunch, suggest a healthy place.

Attempting to save money?

Freeze your credit card, tape a picture of what you're trying to save for to it, put yourself on an allowance and withdraw that amount each week in cash.

Will you still have moments when you drive to the grocery story with the express purpose of buying Totinos Pizza Rolls (UH, HYPOTHETICALLY)? Or sulkily kick your yoga pants across the floor in the morning? Or stalk your ex on Twitter?

Of course. You're human. But I promise you'll be way, way, way closer to awesome if you make it just a little bit easier to make the right choices.

How do you make it easier to make good choices/be awesome?

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