It's Monday: Wake Up & Live A Conscious Life!

A conscious lifestyle means living with the intention of creating a balanced harmony between mind, body and soul by integrating our physical, intellectual and spiritual worlds. It’s prioritizing total wellness and self-care to stabilize the intersection between our inner state (our core) and our external world (everything happening outside of our core).

It’s tough. They don’t teach you this stuff in school, and ultimately it’s about cultivating an awareness of the present moment so you can pay attention. But that’s hard too. Especially when we’re in any transition, which seems like always since life is constantly moving, or caught up in constant mind-chatter.

The good news is that there are ways to foster overall health and well-being so we can be strong in mind, body and spirit. Here’s what I think helps:

1. Body

Mindful movement keeps our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds aligned. Any activity that overtakes your mind, where you can lose yourself, offers a different beneficial release that opens us to life’s flow. Move, sweat, breath, repeat.

2. Mind 

All things meditation. It’s the most powerful tool we have at our disposal and it’s within us. Through this practice we better able to respond to life’s events without the reactiveness caused by angst. It filters anxiety from the subconscious, clears the mind for better sleep, rejuvenates creativity and restores energy. Not to mention that there has been study after study conducted proving physical benefits for regular meditators. Get comfortable, close your eyes, breathe, pass no judgment about what comes up, then stay still.

3. Soul

Holistic medicine, bodywork, and spiritual healing. Acupuncture, chiropractic work, cupping, reiki, shamans and crystal healing are just a few examples of various methods that can help us reach a deeper level of well-being. Unclog blocked energy, move it around, lighten the load, and jump back in.

4. Nutrition 

Staying healthy and making good food choices keeps our system in sync. However, it’s hard to stay within the guidelines of “healthy” if we don’t feel satisfied with what we’re eating. Adhere to the idea that moderation is key. Eat and shop organic, local foods when you can. Cut out the crap. Drink lots of water. Decrease your caffeine. Love your body, enjoy life, and savor every bite.

5. Social Activism

A conscious community cares about ourselves, each other, and the planet. Do what you can to give. That’s time, money, energy, or a smile to someone in need of a little bit of love. Volunteer, support a cause, care.

6. Sustainable shopping

Local entrepreneurs set up shop all around us. They're the brands with a message. These are the creative, inspired, progressive thinkers that will help our culture reach new heights.

7. Pet care

It may seem crazy, but nowadays even our pets can live an organic lifestyle through what they eat, what they play with, what they bathe in, what materials their collars are made from, and what kind of attention they receive from the trainer. A mindful approach is an overall perspective that we can apply to everything.

8. Practice presence 

A conscious lifestyle is an awakened attitude and it takes work. Start from wherever you are. Give total and complete focus to this moment. Engage your core, choose positive thoughts and treat yourself kindly. Let go of judgment; instead, collect the data of what is. It’s your experience, so own it. A conscious lifestyle helps us see the beauty in every part so that we don’t waste life.

And, most importantly, have fun!

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