A Fast & Fabulous Feng Shui Home Energy Makeover

A Fast & Fabulous Feng Shui Home Energy Makeover Hero Image
When you have a lot to do and no motivation to do it, lack focus or just generally feel a case of “the blahs” coming on, your environment might be a little stagnant. 

In feng shui, qi (or “chi,” otherwise known as life force or the energy that you feel or sense) needs to be circulating well in a home or office for its inhabitants to be at their best. If you have blocked or stagnant qi in your home, less goodness will enter your home and life, because it isn't welcome. Conversely, if you have great flow of qi, your life will flow easily and you'll be more magnetic to good things. 

Acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine consider stagnant or deficient qi to be the reason for many illnesses. Practitioners use acupuncture needles, herbs and even dietary shifts to get that qi flowing smoothly. Today, we'll do a bit of that qi adjustment in your home!

This energy-raising routine was born out of necessity. Nearly everyone who's emailed me with a feng shui question in the past few years has sought a new routine, new energy, to get unstuck, to make it easy. I wrote the same advice so many times it became codified in my mind as a routine, and rightfully so: it works! 

It's easy and fast. It takes a few minutes. It’s all stuff you know how to do. But when you run down the list all at once, you'll feel a shift as the energy pops in your home up to a more flowing and vibrant level. 


1. Open your windows.

2. Burn a sage wand, a beeswax candle or even some incense if you’d like. Sage and beeswax candles both add negative ions to the air, which “clean” it like a rainstorm would!

3. Dust for a few minutes and get your countertops as clear as possible. This creates more metal elemental energy for focus. 

4. Take out the trash. This step is self-explanatory. 

5. Blast some music. 

6. Fluff your pillows. Cushions on your couch qualify for a fluff too! Shake them up so they're plump and revitalized. 

7. Water your plants. Say hello to them and check in with them while you do. Take a moment to see if they need a new spot with better light, less light or if they need more nutrition. Plants clean your air of scores of pollution and toxic chemicals, so thank them for it!

8. Do a quick vacuum or a fast mopping of your floor. Nothing elaborate, but feel the freshness. Don't mop with solutions that have chemical fragrances, as that will depress the atmosphere. When in doubt, a barely damp cloth will suffice to lift up some dust and dirt! 

9. Sprinkle some high-quality lavender essential oil in each corner of your home. I like lavender because it’s a universally useful essential oil for most people and pets,* and it has a wild array of uses in everything from cooking and beauty treatments to relaxation cures and natural antibacterial solutions. There's also an old-school feng shui cure that involves soaking orange peels in a bowl of water and sprinkling the water in the corners of your house. While you really won’t get a ton of the orange essence from a quick soak in a bowl of water, you can absolutely boil some orange peels in water and walk that small pot carefully to the corners of your home to fill the air with freshness! 

*Always patch test essential oils by mixing a drop with a teaspoon of natural carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond and applying to your wrist for 24 hours to see if you have a reaction before using in your home. Consult a vet if you have animals.

10. Turn on much brighter lights where you are, even for just a few minutes. Opt for full spectrum light bulbs to get the most “refreshing” light in your home and office; you'll feel the difference immediately. You can take the lights down as appropriate after a short bit, but flooding your home with light will change your perspective for a moment. 

11. Shut your toilet lids. When you close the lids, you keep that plumbing “under wraps,” as it should be. Drains in bathrooms and kitchens carry away your chi, and the toilet is the most important one as it leads out to sewer pipes. So close it if it's not closed already. That’s the exclamation point on your home energy shakeup!

The nice part about this routine is that it's not meant to be perfect; it's meant to be pleasant! You don’t need to do any of these steps masterfully, as this isn't meant to take the place of cleaning your home. You can skip one step or add in your own step that helps you feel more alive. Whenever you are getting blah, unfocused or unmotivated — or any time you’d like — just flip on some music and amp up your home vibration! Enjoy! 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com