Study: Artificial Sweetener Can Cause Diabetes, Is Probably Killing You

Written by mindbodygreen

This just in: artificial sweeteners are terrible for you.

Well, you already knew that. But in a win for supporters of all-natural food, a study led by Yanina Pepino of the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis found that consuming sucralose — sold under the name "Splenda" — can increase insulin production by 20% when consumed with sugar. Over long periods of time, elevated insulin levels can cause insulin resistance, which in turn leads to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes carries a host of associated health problems, which in the end can lead to (gasp!) death.

The study focused on obese people who didn't already use artificial sweeteners, so the researchers cautioned that the results need to be examined further and do not necessarily imply a link between Splenda and diabetes. What is certain, though, is that in spite of Splenda's guilt-free branding, it affects the body in serious ways.

Of course, this fits in with what we at MBG have been telling you all along: keep your food and lifestyle as natural as possible, and you'll be doing yourself a huge favor.

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