Boost Your Libido With These Simple Tips

Stress triggers our body's fight-or-flight defense mechanism. When we feel stressed, angry or scared, our body will automatically turn off any system that's not needed for safety or protection. So when we experience emotional stress, the sex hormones get turned off and we experience a dramatic drop in our libido and sexual desire.

Our lives can get pretty stressful because of family and work demands. Just driving in city traffic can easily elevate your stress. Our modern society is filled with chronic stressors that wreak havoc on relationships and intimacy. Here are four easy ways you can release your emotional stress and get your sexy feelings back.

1. Breathe deeply.

Deep breathing not only calms your mind, but also increases your dopamine, the calming hormone. Take a deep breath in, hold it, then exhale to release all your stressors. As you're focusing on deep breathing, add positive affirmations such as "I am safe," "I release this anxiety and inhale peacefulness," and "I am calm and filled with love." As you release the negative emotions of fear, anxiety, and anger from your body, you allow the emotions of peace, love, and happiness to enter. When you feel peace, love, and happiness, you're more receptive to love and affection in your relationship.

2. Take a bath or shower.

The warm water of a shower or bath caressing your body not only calms your mind, but also increases your oxytocin, the love hormone. Imagine the water washing away all of your stresses, worries, and negative thoughts and feelings. Let those negative emotions move from your body and circle down the drain. As the water caresses and soothes your body, imagine your lover's touch caressing you and holding you. Allow the water to wash away your negative emotions and fill your body with love and sexual desire.

3. Exercise. 

Negative emotions get trapped in our body, blocking our ability to feel love, joy and sexuality. Exercise is a great way to redirect negative emotional energy and release those emotions as physical energy. Go for a run, work out in the gym, dance, bike, jump, or just move your body more. Exercise not only clears your mind and body of negative emotional energy it also stimulates testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual desire. Increase the sexual benefits of exercise by imagining yourself engaged in sexual activity while you are exercising. Using your mind and body to elevate your testosterone levels will greatly increase your sexual desire and libido levels.

4. Express your emotions.

If you feel resentment, anger, fear or sadness, it's awfully hard to connect with your partner. Passionate couples express their emotions in healthy, safe, non-blaming, non-attacking ways. Learn and practice successful marriage and relationship "SMART Talk" to create a stronger bond with your partner. Give your partner specific non-blaming information on what may have triggered your emotions and why you think you are reacting. Let your partner know specifically what you need from them and what you are going to do to help resolve the situation. Sharing emotions in a healthy, safe, and supportive way releases negative emotions while increasing trust, love, intimacy and sexual desire.

Chronic stress and loss of libido don't need to be a part of your life. Get rid of stress right now and create the perfect environment for intimacy, great sex and a loving, connected relationship.

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