Whiteflash Diamond Earring Giveaway WINNER!

First, a hearty thank you to everyone who entered to win these awesome conflict-free diamond earrings (worth $275) from our friends at Whiteflash. We wish we could give prizes to all of you, but alas, there can only be one winner today (and 5 runner-up winners!). It is our hope that the content we put together for you each day will serve as a meaningful consolation. But please stay tuned as tomorrow we'll be unveiling a new giveaway from Whiteflash.

So, drum roll please...

The 1st place winner of the Whiteflash Giveaway who wins these diamond earrings is Katherine Michelle!

Katherine's winning entry: "I believe that living better, healthier, and greener brings a higher level of self-fulfillment. Living healthier means eating right, exercising, more energy, and a longer life. Living a green lifestyle means drinking cleaner water, breathing cleaner air, minimizing waste, reducing energy output, and more green in my wallet. Ultimately being green means taking care of my planet just at it is taking care of me."

Our 5 Runners-Up Winners who will win t-shirts and calendars from Whiteflash:

Kadence Englehardt - "I believe that living greener, healthier, and better are all intermixed. It just means that we need to be making every choice one that not only understands the consequences for us, but what happens to the environment in which we live. Ecosystems are intangibly connected: we still don't know how far the ripples of choices of bygone eras have gone. Everyday offers us a chance to understand that connections of our one and only Earth."

Alicia McDonald - "I choose to live healthier, better, and greener because life isn’t an isolated incident, it’s a communal effort. What I do today doesn’t just affect me and my own life but rather the lives of people I encounter, lives of people I don’t know, lives of animals, and the quality of the environment. Imagine if everyone made one positive choice daily to live better, healthier and greener. Lives would change, the world could change."

Annabella Asvik - "Being a fashion producer, the amount of unethical fabrics (fur!) and jewelry killed me last fashion week. I thought if I started making ethical fashion choices, and showcased how glamorous being green can be, I could inspire change. I’d be excited to wear these earrings and show that diamonds can also be an eco girl’s best friend and that by choosing right, it’s not just the diamond’s that's forever, the planet should be forever too."

Sara Gallmann - "To me, living better, healthier and greener means staying mindful and in the moment - keeping my heart open, breathing fully, remaining thoughtful in word and deed, taking only what is necessary, finding ways to give back and be of service, being a responsible steward of the planet, eating organic whenever possible, eating consciously, moving and exercising my body and mind, being kind, thoughtful and grateful, live lovingly, re-use, recycle, explore, celebrate and live and love fully!"

Monique Marco - "Living better, healthier, and greener is about the big picture; not just me. It’s family, community, society and how I can be of service and make a positive impact and inspire. So I aim to touch, move and excite others to live healthfully; I know how fabulous it feels and appreciate how much joy, and passion it gives me. I teach yoga, have a clean diet and live strive to live with grace and abundance."

We'll be emailing all of the winners above and asking for your addresses. Your prizes will then be mailed.

Finally, thanks to Whiteflash for sponsoring this promotion. To learn more about Whiteflash, please visit their website.

Tomorrow we'll launch another great giveaway from Whiteflash so stay tuned!

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