Stuck In The Wrong Job But Don't Know What To Do? Read This.

For years I worked in jobs where I felt deflated and useless. Many times, I'd sit down with my Mum, mulling over my unhappy life. I felt like a useless lump, and I didn't believe I'd find deep fulfilment in my work life, let alone my personal life.

Thankfully, in my late twenties, I sought the help of a life coach who helped me figure out what made me tick. I began to understand the meaning of values and how these influenced my motivation and drive. I'd never thought about my own values, but when I discovered them, I couldn’t believe how everything made so much more sense! Finally I realized that what I wanted wasn’t necessarily success and money, but to make a difference and be my own boss!

When I look back, I realize that every job I did helped me to figure out what I enjoyed most and also helped me pinpoint my weaker spots. I began to understand who I preferred spending my time with, and that working with competitive and bitchy people was definitely not for me. (I also realized I'd been chasing jobs that offered status, which wasn't my core value!)

When I finally discovered what was important to me in order to feel fulfilled in my career, I decided to get as much training as I could outside of my full time job. I read books, and went to free training weekends. I went to college as an adult learner and studied counseling and psychology. I put together a decent business case to my employer about why I wanted to do various training courses as part of my personal development. It was so important to me to build up enough skill and experience so that I could take action for my future in a few years.

Cut to five years later: I am now doing what I love, making a difference, changing lives, and feeling a deep connection to my innermost self. I am also my own boss!

If you find yourself constantly coming up against a crossroads, or feeling unfulfilled at work, it's likely that you aren’t aware of what really makes you tick, or you're afraid to change.

We form our values and beliefs at a young age and although they can change over time, often people are not necessarily aware of what really motivates them.

If you'd like to understand more about yourself and turn your job into something that ignites the fire in your belly, try this exercise:

1. Write a list of all the things that you DON’T like doing. These can be tasks at work, tasks you do at home, or tasks that you feel obliged to do.

2. Write a list of all the hobbies that you enjoy, in any area of your life.

3. If you've been wanting to do something that excites you, what's stopping you?

4. Do you have a business idea that you'd like to implement but haven’t plucked up the courage to take any course of action? If so, what's holding you back?

5. What would you do if you had only six months left to live your life to the fullest?

6. How much is it worth to you to do what you love and be happy living to work, instead of working to live?

If you'd like to understand more about what your values are and how you can discover your own, I have included an exercise in my ebook Regain Your Personal Power to Achieve Success. Click on my website to grab a copy now!

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