Can You Accept Your Body & Still Want To Lose Weight?

Is there a more complicated question than this? Of course. But this one’s definitely up there. Because many people want to find that sweet spot of loving themselves as they are while also being just at least a little bit better, thinner, smarter, together than they are right now.

What’s the answer?

In addition to being tricky, the question of whether or not you can accept your body and want to lose weight is one that people want an answer to.

Yes or no – preferably with a five-step how-to guide that can be accomplished in a week or less (at the longest). So before you get your hopes up, I’ll just go ahead and tell you up front that I don’t have that for you. Not even close.

How to find your answer.

What I do have, though, is my truth – and an exercise for you to find yours. Because, like most things related to our bodies, our answers are often complex and can only come from within.

Watch the video here: what is true for you?

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