Enthusiasm: Why You Need It & How To Get Some

What are you enthusiastic about?

If you hesitate or struggle to answer this simple question, then I have something to tell you. If you wake up dreading the day, worried about the hours ahead, and already wishing you could be back in bed, well, that’s just not cool. 

The first thing we reach for in the morning shouldn’t be our iPad, iPhone, or Droid; it should be a positive thought that stokes our energy to excel. Since our conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time, this singular thought can inspire the quality of the rest of our day through sheer enthusiasm.

When your morning enthusiasm becomes a habit, author Robin Sharma writes that your life can look like this:

"You will wake up every morning with a limitless reservoir of energy and enthusiasm. All your thoughts will be focused on your definite objective. You won’t have time to waste time. You will automatically erase the worry habit and become far more effective and productive. Interestingly, you will also have a deep sense of inner harmony. It is a wonderful feeling.” 

Why learn the language of enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm gives us the chance to change our happiness set point. And happiness helps us harness the power of our minds and hearts to work together. When what we think, feel and do are in alignment, we naturally live in a state of joy. And yoga teaches us that joy is our birthright.

That doesn’t mean it comes easy: It takes real effort. We should never let a day go by without putting effort toward what we want to create.

As Bo Bennett puts it:

Enthusiasm is not the same as just being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster.

What's the enemy of enthusiasm? Mediocrity. Of course, my fave definition is from none other than Chip Wilson:

Mediocrity is doing an ‘okay job,’ having a relationship that ‘works,’ being just a ‘little’ overweight, or having a job that ‘pays the bills.’ Mediocrity is putting up with things the way they are with no firm plan to change the situation by a specific date. Mediocrity is following a predetermined and unfulfilling path. Most people live in a state of mediocrity. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is the top.”

So today get pumped up! Do the Harlem Shake! Remember, as Wayne Dyer puts it, “You are not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else.” As the Lululemon manifesto states, “This is not your practice life.”

Never again wake-up with anything less than excitement to live the best day ever. This is not a rehearsal. Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

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