How To Get More Energy: Release, Recycle, Reuse

Why do certain people require more sleep to feel rested while others can get away with far less? When I was 10 years old I asked my mom about her father and how he was able to feel energized and productive all day long on less than the recommended dose. She told me that Papi slept well and deeply every night because no matter what happened during the day he was able to let it go at nighttime.

Right then and there I wanted to discover his secret to dismissing all his worries before going to sleep and apply in my life. Throughout the years my worries evolved from school, to boys, to work, to money. They sometimes stole my energy like a secret nighttime invader, with their daytime version being just as sneaky.

I've been blessed with having deep reservoirs of energy and the motivation of five people put in one. However, keeping my energy balanced and strong is no walk in the park and requires work and dedication. Here are some key things I do:

RELEASE: “The greatest way to get more energy is to let go of something.” It works well all day and night to let go of one or two repeated thoughts that are depleting your energy.

At night, practice this meditation: say to yourself, “I call my energy back to me.” Then see yourself with enormous golden scissors above you, cutting the ties to everyone you met, talked to, thought of or those who thought of you throughout the day.

Unplug from technology one hour before bed. Read, write, meditate, do yoga, spend time with your loved ones. This will not only bring you emotional joy, but will also calm your mind and reduce anxiety due to digital overload.

Every 3-6 months take time off. Try a yoga retreat where everything is done for you.

Create routine recapitulation exercises.

RECYLE: Get organized by creating a structure of a to-do list for the week. Keep the dedicated time blocks in your schedule consistent so that you can recycle this plan week to week by allowing new events to replace the old. At the very least, recycle your downtime and ritual self-care methods, whether it’s slimming your media diet by one day a week and disconnecting from email, or scheduling a bath every Tuesday, meditating every Wednesday, or exercise appointments. Recycle those key activities that serve to restore your energy and release the ones that don’t.

REUSE: Repurpose what serves you just like birds reuse materials to build their nest. Even air is reused as we exhale and give our exudation to the trees while reusing what they give us as oxygen. Save energy through reusing all that you can before starting a new project or activity.

When it comes to managing your energy if you apply this three-part process of evaluating things as release, recycle or reuse you will be able to maintain a steady emotional and physical life balance. Try it for yourself and see!

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