How To Beat Your Fears & Manifest Your Dream Career

There’s no question that you have unique strengths within you. You know what you love to do, more than anyone else.

The thing is, when it comes to actually revealing your mission and passion and stepping into it, often times doubt and fear may interrupt the process of your growth and your actions.

Your fears may sound like this:

  • I’ve already attempted this before and I’ve failed.
  • I’m afraid what others may say about me if I quit my job.
  • I’m afraid of losing my current lifestyle.
  • I’m bored in my job, but I’m not confident that my talents will be enough to be successful in a new career path.
  • I feel trapped in my current job and I’m not sure if there’s a way out without getting hurt.
  • I’m afraid of the repercussion of my actions if I follow my heart.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you’re letting your fears control your life. 

You’re blocking the blessings that belong to you from coming your way, and blocking people from the natural amazing talents you have.

There’s no such thing as being the most successful and the best in the world. There’s no such thing as ONE true form of applying your mission or your passion in the world.

This adds way too much unnecessary pressure on yourself.

For example, my mission in life is to inspire others to follow their true selves. But I do it through my coaching, writing, teaching yoga and meditation. I even apply it when I chat with people at the grocery store or on the street. Who knows what other forms this may take in the future?

You can only be your best self. But that doesn’t mean it will be applied in ONE way for the rest of your life.

Below you can find a set of questions that are taken from my program. They will help you start the process of using your inner warrior and face your fears:

  • Write down 20 strengths you have, and next to each strength, write down the emotion that's associated with it.
  • Write down the fears that are blocking you from moving forward in life, and next to each fear, write down the negative emotion that is associated with it.
  • Take a look at the answers from question #1 and #2. Use the strengths you listed to reframe the fears you have and feel the positive emotions you’re longing to feel.
  • What do you need to eliminate or add to your life to experience these positive emotions in your career today?

Don’t delay your happiness! Thousands and thousands of people need your strengths to move forward in their lives.

I promise you that your inner warrior has enough strength to beat any fear up.


Because you’re not the type of person who just surrender to her fears.

You’re resilient, creative and you’ve got what it takes to look at the fear in the eyes and say, “WATCH ME.”

I'm 100% sure you’ve done it before in your life; you can do it now.

Your happiness is worth it!

Take action today and beat the heck out of your fears!

If you have any questions that you'd like me to answer in my next article, shoot me an email today.

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