For My Detox, The 7th Time's The Charm

Spring is such a great time to slough off anything old and outmoded; to fertilize the soil of the soul.

Every year for the past six years I've attempted to do a cleanse of mind, body and spirit, and I have failed to see it through to fruition. Every. Single. Time.

What I've learned from my past failures is that I feel this sense of entitlement to have what I want, especially when I've made up my mind that I'm not going to have it for a period of time. That thing for me is poutine: cheesy curds and gravy on greasy fries, delivered right to my door. Oh, how I long for this food when I'm strictly eating plant-based!

So this year I've decided to prep myself to do a 10-day cleanse by beginning the process with a full seven-day warmup before the June 1 start date, and by documenting the entire challenging journey.

Starting with the full moon on the 25th of May, I'll be focusing single-mindedly on wellness. To me this means habitually choosing that which I want MOST over what I want now.

I've made a list of my essentials of existence, the things that truly give me a sense of wellness. A few examples are Epsom salt baths, walking by the water, napping and reading until my eyes go crossed. And during the seven-day warmup, I'll teach myself to habitually reach for these things when all my screaming ego wants is to numb out with a poutine, a beer and a movie.

After the first seven days of weaning myself off animal-based products, alcohol and distractions, I'm really going to go for it and do the 10-day master cleanse that I've only accomplished once before. Which didn't really count, because I ate chocolate on day three.

This time around, I'm focusing on embracing only that which lifts me higher, instead of thinking in terms of what I'm giving up.

It's time for me to clean the windows of my soul to get some perspective. I want to be better able to reflect who I wish to be in this world. To do that, I was prompted to write it all out.

It's important for me to share this process through writing because the stuff that comes up emotionally and psychologically during a detox can be a lot to bear. In the past I had a hard time quieting the screams of my mind so that I could heed the whispers of my heart. Since I write to know what my heart thinks, I agree with my inner knowledge that it's important for me to embrace writing during this time.

I'll be documenting the detox and sharing my handwritten missives daily through my Habitual Self Wellness facebook page, starting on June 1. The cleanse includes a detox from social media as well, so I'll be posting from a satellite site in order to avoid seeing any responses or worry about the lack thereof. Sharing just to share, and holding myself accountable to anyone who cares.

I'm doing this cleanse because there are some aspects that I want to change about myself, and I choose to follow my intuition, which tells me to let go of all that isn't needed for survival, for just a little while.

I am undertaking this cleanse to unscover layers of consciousness that I've numbed out in the past.

I'm experiencing this cleanse to challenge myself to follow, with unwavering faith, my inner promptings.

My mountain is waiting ... so I'm on my way!

Come follow me on my Documented Detox journey and see for yourself how it enlivening the cleansing process can be!

Or join me at the "Accomplish Line" on June 10 to see if I even make it.

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