24 Years Of Yoga Practice In 90 Seconds (Video)

I'd just finished teaching the noon class at Laughing Lotus in NYC when this couple from out of town walked into the studio and asked if they could see "some yoga."

I said, "Of course. Are you DTF — down to flow?"

Then I spontaneously started a sequence to show the couple "some yoga," and my friend, who happened to be in the studio with me that day, turned on his iPad and started to film me. So this video is a very realistic snapshot of my practice, a spur-of-the-moment flow that just feels good.

Every time I start to build a sequence, I first visit the shapes individually. Eventually they begin to merge from one to the next and are no longer separate, but are threaded together with the breath, the music and the movement. I begin to dance with the Divine, like a dervish. I love the shapeshifting nature of the poses because, like life, everything is changing in the body. Nothing is ever static. This flow, this constant movement, also allows for incredible momentum and energizes the signature Laughing Lotus flow.

For example, the pose you'll hear me call "OMG" allows me to transition and spring up into eagle or standing marichy. The swerving and derving to the front and back of the mat creates an ecstatic flow, as if my body is beginning to commune with spirit.

Maybe the most important thing to note about this sequence and flow is that I'm feeling — NOT thinking — my way through the shapes. In these moments I think of myself as the dancer and dance; the yogi and the fluid asana become one.

This is 24 years of a consistent personal practice, or Sadhana, captured in 90 seconds. You're seeing my practice come to LIFE, and dear yogis, you know my mantra — show up no matter what, don't quit before the miracle, have FUN and trust me, yoga will introduce you to someone you've possibly never met — yourSELF!

Check out the full video here.

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