Kristen Bell's Diet Secret: Eat Colorful Food

What's Kristen Bell's diet secret? She eats "colorful" food. Kristen talks about how she developed healthy eating habits at a young age, why quick diet fixes don't work, and body image in Hollywood. She tells Stuff :

On developing healthy eating habits at a young age:

"My mom taught me at a very young age to have a colorful plate. The more color you are eating, the more vitamins you are getting... If you pay attention to what you are eating you will, in most cases, lose weight."

Quick diet fixes don't work:

"We live in a world of such immediate gratification that everybody wants that quick fix, or that juice, or that diet. That's not the way it is."

On body image in Hollywood:

"I've chosen to ignore it. I realized how much of a joke it was when I was criticized when I was pictured on a beach once... All girls sometimes feel like they have horrible bodies and sometimes like we have great bodies."

"Kristen credits her amazing body to healthy, homemade vegetarian dishes, yoga classes, and twice-a-week weight-training sessions." Namaste to that!

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