Radical Self-Care: 5 Easy Steps You Can Take Today

For me one of the biggest excuses I had about taking for myself was, “I don’t have time.” On so many occasions I chose my Facebook update or scrolling through the cable guide looking for the latest edition of trashy television.

I created as much distraction as possible because I didn’t want to deal with my crap … there was too much of it! Honestly, I didn't know where to start. I tried meditating, but my ADD kept reminding me of all the cool stuff I’d rather be doing. Eventually, I would end up on the couch playing catch up with my Facebook app. It seemed the more I tried to make myself do something the more excuses I came up with.

After, getting on the scale and noticing a '2' before the zeros, a reality check slapped me right in the face. Ouch! Something had to give. I mean, how was I going to fit into my summer dresses? I beat myself up at first. That didn’t work, so I created a five-step plan for loving me:

1. Take your time in the morning. 

I find it's best to take personal time in the morning. Before I started my day I would take time to reflect. Most call it meditation, but like I mentioned above, meditation for me meant endless mind wandering, so I opted to call it Me Time. I did my best to sit quietly for at least five minutes. As the days passed, I increased my time and added deep breathing. Now I can sit undisturbed for over 30 minutes. Can’t stop mind chatter? Focus on your breathing (in the nose out the mouth).

2. Fix your attitude. 

Attitude is a very important aspect of our life. Walking around with a chip on your shoulder isn’t the right way to create joy in your life. What we feel, we manifest. Therefore, allowing your emotions to attach to meaningless things is a definite no-no! Take a deep breath and let it go. If you want something to change, YOU MUST BE the change. Get rid of the old sob story and claim what you want. You’re the author of your life.

3. Food matters. 

Taking care of yourself means watching the food you eat. We live in a microwave drive-thru world that demands we eat on the go. Fast foods, junk food and sugary drinks, eventually add pounds and increase burnout. Remember, you are what you eat. Do your well-being a favor and select your food like a new pair of shoes. Be critical. Try them on, and if they don’t fit, find a pair that do! If you can’t afford to eat organic every day, create healthy options at home.

4. Get rid of the bad apples. 

Sometimes the company we keep becomes our worst enemies (literally). I mean, come on, who wants to sit and listen to someone’s problems every day? Or, worst, negative Nancy who loves when everyone lives in her misery? Get rid of her! I believe greatness is motivated by greatness. Remove the toxic people from your life and replace them with those who inspire you.

5. Disconnect. 

The smarter our phones get the more addicted we become. Honestly, I love that my email, Twitter and Facebook feeds come right to my phone. Who doesn't? However, when you find yourself wanting to check your email notification in the middle of a conversation, something needs to change.

Unless you’re planning to completely disconnect from all social media (laughing hysterically), the best option is establishing a cutoff time. Personally, I have a no phone OR laptop policy while having dinner. Electing to disconnect when you’re with family or friends is a great way to build rapport. It also gives your mind-body-soul a chance to regroup and get ready for the day ahead.

Developing keys to wellness that works within your lifestyle is easy and cost free. All you need is a little time and determination to be your best!

Want to know if you should you go Keto? Paleo? Deciding what to eat to feel your best shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve removed the guesswork to give you all the best nutrition tips & tools, all in one place. Ready to kickstart your health journey? We’re here to guide you.

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