Are Your Beliefs Attracting Money Or Keeping It Away?

Our beliefs can be our friend or our prisoner. There are many keeping people from abundance and they don’t even realize it. Here are a few common limiting beliefs about money and abundance:

1. Money only comes from hard work. 

People who believe this will only be able to obtain money by working hard. If they attract it any other way, they won't keep it long because they'll feel they didn't "earn" it.

2. Life is a struggle. 

People who hold this belief will always be struggling to pay the bills. Even if they were to come into a large amount of money, they'd unknowingly self-sabotage in order to validate their belief that life is a struggle.

3. More money goes out than comes in. 

This belief often comes from those who, as children, listened to adults with this belief. It's a heavy burden to bear, and those with this belief need to approach money differently, or they'll always have more money going out than coming in. They'll either start making less or create more debt when more money is coming in.

4. People won't love me as much if I have money or they'll love me only because I have money. 

This belief keeps people from becoming abundant because they believe that their friends and family won't love them anymore or that it will affect their relationships. This belief comes from having heard about other people's experiences and beliefs. It's not reality.

5. Having a lot of money will be a burden. 

People with this belief may have observed others who came into a lot of money, destroyed their lives and ended up losing it all in the process. This had nothing to do with the money itself. The money, which is just another form of energy, only exaggerated what was already present in their thoughts and experience.

6. Money is evil.

Pieces of paper and coins are not evil. Money is energy and it's what we choose to make it. Having a lot of money does not make you evil and being poor does not make you a saint. There are many in this world who have a lot of money and do a lot of good, just as there are those with very little money who fail to contribute to society in any way.

Those who start out with little and become abundant just continue what they are doing. If they're generous people before they manifest a lot of money, they continue to be generous. If they are stingy and irresponsible before they have money, they'll do the same afterwards. Money is not what makes them who they are, but it does have a habit of emphasizing who they are.

If you're struggling financially, it's most likely due to one or more of these beliefs.

Do any of them ring true for you?

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