How To Handle Negative Comments On The Internet

Written by Gabrielle Bernstein

Recently I’ve faced negative comments on my social media feed. While my immediate response was to forgive and delete, in time my ego got the best of me. I found myself stuck in the discomfort of negativity and personal attacks from people I’d never met. I felt sad, hurt, and worst of all, defensive.

Rather than lace up my boxing gloves, I chose to find the lesson in the Internet backlash. I called on a message from A Course in Miracles, “In my defenselessness my safety lies.” I've come to learn that when we defend ourselves against attack, we're investing more energy into the attack. Whereas when we practice defenselessness, we limit the negative energy around the issue and clear space for forgiveness.

It's not easy to be defenseless when you feel attacked. I found that a great way to maintain peace in the midst of attack is to allow yourself to truly feel the feelings that arise. When you self-soothe and feel your feelings, you weaken your need to fight back. In this video, I share my experience and the spiritual solutions I used for handling negative comments.

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