How To Discover Your Secret Talent (The World Is Waiting!)

There’s a big trend of people finding their mission, quitting their jobs, and starting their own thing. You may think that they’re lucky to have this opportunity or insane to leave everything behind and start all over again.

Jumping into a new career path is terrifying especially if you’re not comfortable with the unknown. Many people have asked me if it’s too late for them to change path. The answer is NO and here’s an inspiring story that says it all:

I was listening to a lady in her late 50s (I'll call her Emma) talking about how one simple question changed her life. She felt bored, unproductive and purposeless after 16 years in the same job.

One day, feeling depressed, she shared her story with a friend, who asked her this brilliant question: “If you were to live for one more year, would you rather live leaving your amazing footprints behind or be invisible to the world?”

That’s all it took for Emma to make a drastic life change, go back to college, and follow her heart.

If you were so unhappy and feeling purposeless in your job, why are you waiting for something dramatic to happen to start making the right change for yourself?

You may worry about finances if you follow your passion. If you’re really serious about being happy, then you can start what you love to do on the side until you’re ready to launch.

Here’s the thing: I know that starting from scratch and wondering about how you’re going to contribute to the world is scary, especially if you’re the product to sell.

You were born with unique strengths. They may seem invisible and useless to you but I assure you 100% they’re visible to others and people need them.

When you allow your gifts and talents to surface, you’ll realize how much you can contribute and how they’ll be a perfect way to earn your living. You’ll excel naturally.

You have a choice to let your fear of failure and disappointing others take over your life or you can accomplish your duty by using your talents to make a difference in the world.

Here are 5 practical steps to uncover your talents and mission:

1. Be visible to yourself. 

You may be unsure if your strengths do any good to others. Ask at least 20 people around you to list your top 5 best qualities. You can also do the strengthfinder test and combine your top qualities with the ones listed by others. Find the common thread.

2. Brainstorm and contribute. 

How can you use your top strengths to help others? Can you use them in your current career or in a new one? Brainstorm at least 10 different ideas that are aligned with your current career and with a new one. Which one of these ideas get you all fired up and super emotional? Why is it important for you to accomplish this idea?

3. Clarify your mission.

I’ll use __________ to help__________ by doing _________. It’s important because ____________and _______ will benefit from it.

4. Identify your ideal workplace avatar. 

How do you like to work with people? Do you like to be in an 8 to 5 job, or do you want full flexibility in your life? What are the top 5 qualities you’re looking for in a work environment? What are the top 5 qualities you’d like to see in your boss or partner at work? Do you want to be part of a big company or a small one? How can your job expose your talents to help others? How much money do you want to make?

5. Set a deadline. 

Don’t drag too long or force your idea for 5 years if you don’t see any results. Interview people who’ve done similar work. Ask them about the mistakes they’ve done, their recommendation and what to expect in the first few years. For the sake of the worst case scenario, ask yourself: What can you do in one year to bring the lifestyle you currently have if your business didn’t work out?

Bonus tip. 

Eliminate people who doubt your talent and don't support your journey. Be around positive, like-minded people who have good intentions to help the world.

If you feel that this article spoke to your current situation, then you’ll absolutely enjoy Radical Career Revolution program.

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