What's Your Purpose? 10 Tips To Find Out Easily

How do you manifest all that awesome stuff you dream about? Should you pray? Chant? Pick four-leaf clovers until your fingers cramp?

Even if you're feeling a little stuck and haven’t bothered to dream in a very long time, it’s about time you started.

Finding your purpose doesn't have to be a life-long search or involve years of meditating atop a mountain. It takes focus, understanding your values and a whole lot of inner-listening. That's why I’m making it super easy for you to find your passion with 10 tips, so you can get your dreams ON.

1. Identify exactly what you want. 

Keep your eyes on good stuff and stop obsessing over what you don’t want to happen. The universe doesn’t process positive or negative — just energy, so focus on what makes you happy, and that’s what you’ll get more of.

2. Expect your wildest dreams to come true. 

You’ll never run out of desire fuel, with expectation as your fire.

3. Dream huge. 

Ask for more than you need — keeping your wants rooted in love, not greed or excess. Nothing is impossible for you; I can promise you that. So reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among all those beautiful stars.

4. Imagine how it feels. 

Right now. It feels pretty darn great, doesn’t it? Because whatever you’re thinking about, feeling about and dreaming about is the vibe you’re putting out in the world and what you’re attracting into that awesome life of yours.

5. Keep your eye on the prize. 

What quality of life will the object of your desire bring you? Peace? Love? Happiness or bust? Identify the real goal behind your wild wishing and start doing and thinking things to lead you there.

6. Give your undivided attention to what you want. 

You’re on a one-way dream street from now on, and there’s no U-turns. Use tools such as goal-setting, journaling, meditation, cart-wheeling — heck, it doesn’t matter how you dedicate yourself, just stay focused. Because wherever you go, there you are.

7. Detach and slow down.

Don’t flush positivity down the tube if your dreams aren’t unfolding as fast as you think they should. Detach yourself from the how, when, where and who details — the specifics don’t matter, it’s the end state that counts. Let go and let [God, spirit, universe, your lucky pair of tube socks etc.] take over.

8. Go on an appreciation rampage. 

The attitude is gratitude, and every opportunity that comes your way is neither good nor bad, but an opportunity to learn, grow and course-correct. You’ll make killer mistakes, but that’s ok. Relish the moment, appreciate where you are and allow your light to shine despite the circumstance.

9. Be energy efficient. 

That means light-bulbs AND you. Be conscious of your energy, keeping in mind that like attracts like. Feeling lack will get you more lack, so think positive times a million.

10. Let it all go.

All of it. The fears, judgments and regrets from the past that are hanging around your brain, mucking up all your good energy. Tossing your old baggage is the only way to live fully in the present moment. Life happens. Sometimes it's awesome. And sometimes it's pretty darn crappy. But there are no victims, so stop acting like one. Love and forgiveness hold the key to purpose-powered living.

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