Why You're Working Out But Still Gaining Weight

It can be extremely frustrating when we start an exercise program with the intention to lose weight and actually put on pounds.

Here are two common reasons why people gain weight after starting a workout program:

1. You're doing muscle-building exercises even without knowing it. 

We all know that weight training builds muscle, as do strength-training exercises like push-ups and chin-ups. However, other exercises that you might think of as purely cardio (running stairs, for example), can actually build muscle in your legs and buttocks.

So you may very well be losing body fat, but you might also be building muscle. And because muscle weighs more than fat, your weight will increase or stay the same.

2. You're still consuming too many calories. 

Even though you're exercising more and thus burning more calories, the intensity of your exercise may increase your appetite, making it difficult to balance your energy intake with your energy expenditure.

The following 5 tips can help:

1. Lower the intensity of your workout. 

Try walking instead of running.

2. Increase the duration of your workout. 

Try an hour or 90 minutes of exercise instead of 40 minutes.

3. Limit exercises that involve heavy weights.

These can help you build muscle, and pack on the pounds.

4. Aim for 7-8 hours of good quality sleep.

During sleep, your body repairs and regulates your hormone levels, helping you to lose weight

5. Do not supplement with protein. 

Eat predominantly plant-based, whole foods whenever possible.

The main thing to remember is that weight loss is not the best way to judge whether your new fitness routine is a success! Instead, notice the tightness of your clothing to see what's working. This way you will know that you are suceeding if you are getting smaller, even if you are not getting lighter.

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