6 Actions To Create A Life You Love

Written by F. Emelia Sam, DDS

We all want to live a life that we can love. But, sometimes, life gets in the way of quality living. Only by consciously making an effort to change, can we improve our current circumstances. Here are six ways you can start to invite the life you envision.

1. Unclutter. 

Living in clutter is a sure sign that some inner work needs to be done. In most cases, your external environment reflects your internal state. Get rid of the excess in your physical world and your mental state will lighten.

2. Beautify your surroundings. 

Your home should be your sanctuary. Include items of beauty and significance to create a positive vibration around you. Living in bland or empty spaces is not conducive to feeling fulfilled. It’s not about having material things; it’s about having a meaningful space to which you can retreat and recharge.

3. State goals and intentions

What is it that you'd like to accomplish? Dreaming about what you would like is fine if dreams are satisfying to you. However, if you want to bring your goals to fruition, take the first step, and make them concrete by writing them down. Keep them in a sacred place. Better yet, keep them with you at all times.

4. Make a visionboard. 

Create a visual representation of all the things you wish to manifest. Maybe it’s on your desktop. Maybe it’s on construction paper. Physical or virtual, design a collage of your soul’s desires. Place it somewhere you see it often.

5. Create ripples. 

Be kind. Compliment a stranger. Pay someone’s toll charge. Try to send out positive vibrations. Don’t just be nice because it’s expected. Do it with the awareness that your simple act of kindness may be carried much further than you will ever see.

6. Change the routine

It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day routines. When we do, we limit possibility. It’s only when we start to make conscious choices that the world opens up to us again. Remember, creatures of comfort never progress.

Making deliberate changes in your life will have a direct effect on your experience of it. There may still be more work to do on your mindset and work to do at the soul level, but these physical tasks are a great start to creating a life you love.

Get going!

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