Are You Wasting Your Time Living Someone Else's Dream?

Are you one of those people who feel like they’re doing everything right to be successful and happy, yet they’re still witnessing life passing by with very little meaning to it?

I spent an amount of my life going through this cycle. I knew there was something so much bigger for me, but I didn't know what it was until few years ago.

Let me tell you a story that may sound familiar to you:

When I was a teenager, I so wanted to be like one of my brothers who’s eight years older than me. He was (still is) pretty successful, established and everyone looked up to him for advice and help.

My dream was to have the same kind of recognition and appreciation when I become an adult. I aspired the same level of education and the same lifestyle. I wanted to have a life similar to that of my brother, and I actually did for a while.

As I finally finished my master's degree, I began working for a Fortune 500 company. One day after work while I was hanging out on my couch in my apartment, I realized how miserable I was in this lifestyle. I felt so out of place at work, and worst thing is that I was disappointed because I thought my dream of being like my brother would get me to feel more appreciated. Instead, it made me feel empty, with little meaning to my life.

In that sacred moment, I determined to find my own strengths and to live my path. Now, here I am sharing this new journey with you.

It’s so crucial to get inspired by important people in our lives, but there's a big difference between being inspired and living someone else’s path.

All those years, I was living based on how I wanted people to see me and not the way I wanted to see myself.

You MUST be your own biggest star before you become one for others.

This begins with checking in with yourself first before asking others' advice; you have to be introspective and identify your strengths, values, mission and faith in your life.

Ask yourself: What is driving your life? Are you living your own dream, or what your family and friends want you to be? Are you comparing yourself to others, or are you appreciating who you are? Are you someone who wants to control every single step of the way or, do you let your faith come to play?

Imagine yourself driving on the highway with your GPS and you just missed an exit. What happens next? Your GPS reroutes you immediately to a different path, right?

The same can be true in life. When you believe in your guts and have faith in the process of life, you’ll always be shown another path, because the paths that are unique to you are completely infinite.

I know you want to be happy and feel fulfilled in your life. We all do. You can make tons of money in your job, but you CAN'T buy time for your happiness.

When you find your unique mission, you’ll feel a very deep alignment with your spiritual, emotional and physical self. You’ll start appreciating who you are versus comparing yourself to others, and you’ll use your own GPS (mission) as a guide to live your own mission and your own dreams.

Do you have a great story to share? I'd love to hear it in the comments!

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