3 Tips For Raising An Intuitive Child

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why she keeps staring at you!”

The baby’s mouth was gaping, eyes wide open, and, to her mother’s frustration, refusing her lunch, mid-spoonful.

I wanted to explain to this mother that her baby was staring at me because she was watching the gold/white light, which was pouring through my crown chakra, as I sent distant healing to a client in need. To others, I was doing nothing stare-worthy. My head was down, apparently browsing through my phone, just like you may find the majority of people in a café on any given day.

She wasn’t the first little undercover agent who's tried to blow my cover (too many to include in this article, but I promise to share more on this). It's a frequent occurrence for me to notice babies seeing the same thing I am, such as changes in auras or interesting light and energy formations. On the odd occasion that a client has brought their baby along to a consultation, they watch with fascination as lights explode around the room, their mummy, and me as the healing takes place.

This begs the question: if so many babies show signs of powerful intuition, where does it go? At what point do they shut it down? Was it when they were told that their psychic experiences were “silly” or “just their imagination?” Worse still, were they reprimanded for “making up stories?” You may even remember hearing these words spoken to you.

I once had a nine-year-old client whom I'll call Kate. Kate was struggling with the inhumanity of playground politics. Girls who she thought were her friends were turning without indicating and she was becoming very sad and troubled by their treatment.

I drew Kate’s aura and described to her what it looked like, when she piped up. “Did you know that I see colors around people?”

When we established what she saw, I asked, “And what color do you see around yourself?” Having never been asked this question, she wasn’t sure so I got her to run into the bathroom, look in the mirror, come back and tell me what she saw. The answer was, “green.” I then asked her what colors the bullies were. Kate described their colors as brown and the more compatible children (with whom she needed to spend more time) as a bright yellow. I asked her to imagine what color she became when she was around the girls who'd been treating her badly. She said her colors turned muddy and dull. And when she was around the friendly girls? “Brighter and shinier.”

The next time I was in town, Kate’s previously skeptical father asked her mother to book the rest of the kids in to see me after the change he saw his daughter’s mood and life.

Imagine the potential of a child who can make choices based on what's in line with her higher truth by tapping into her innate intuitive abilities?

So what can you do? I’m glad you asked. Luckily, you're already a conscious parent because you're reading this article, but I should note that I'm not a parent. I was, however, raised by conscious parents. They encouraged my sister and me to discuss our experiences and develop our intuition. We had fun and mystical adventures in the non-physical realms. The following tips could help you and your little Jedi to hone these powerful skills:

A note of caution (sorry to be a bore): be sure to establish with your medical practitioner that there are no medical or vision issues. Blurred vision can be a sign of other conditions.

1. If your child has a psychic experience, such as seeing colours around people, coloured lights or angelic helpers, encourage him/her to share it. If the vision is a spirit of someone who has passed, remind her not to fear but to send lots of love (or they can imagine this as a pretty, warm, pink or gold light enveloping the spirit or energy pattern). There is NOTHING to fear.

2. When she's upset ask, “What are you feeling?” “If that feeling had a color what would it be?” “Where is that colour?” It may be in the head, the stomach or even outside of the body. This encourages a multisensory awareness of emotional states and feelings and helps to people them to recognize the link between the body and psyche.

3. Encourage imagination and play. I found something which I wrote when I was 14. It said, as I quote myself, “Intuition is received by the imagination and repelled by doubt.” Where will you find intuition? In the playground of the creative mind!

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