How To Rise Above Pain When You're Feeling Stuck

We all know those times in our lives when we start to feel like things aren't moving. We may feel stuck, depressed, anxious, or all of the above. Some of us may go down an even deeper, darker hole, and for others this may feel like a new occurrence. The "stuckness" may last for an hour, a day, a week, and sometimes it feels like it could go on for a month or more.

Many who confront this feel an urge to run for the hills and do whatever they can to avoid pain and suffering. They may have moments when life doesn't feel worth living, hopelessness sets in, and painful behaviors that make the situation even worse pop up.

When you experience these feelings, you might reach for that box of donuts, your iPhone, the TV, substances, or you may feel like you need nonstop social activity. Some avoidance, distraction, and withdrawal is normal during these times, so it's important not to judge what your ego may perceive as taking steps backward.

The following steps will help you though if you want to remain open to this pain and suffering, because it's sending you a profound message regarding your own intuition, resiliency, and strength:

1. Acknowledge what you're feeling without judgment. 

This is the time to be compassionate to your self and let go of self criticism, blame, and pressure. Observe the feelings using present-based language that brings you into the moment, because pain is a whole lot easier to deal with when you're not thinking about all the other times you've been in pain and all the times you could be in pain in the future.

2. Breathe.

So often we forget to do the act that sustains us and keeps us alive each and everyday. Breathing not only replenishes our cells, but it sweeps through painful emotions by being a natural undercurrent and grounder. It also brings us into the present moment because we can only breathe NOW.

3. Forgive yourself for imperfections.

You can't always operate at what you perceive to be the "top of your game." Letting go of perfection and allowing yourself to be human is vital in getting through the stuckness.

4. Have faith.

Trust that whenever the universe brings you situations that cause pain and suffering, it's a way of asking you to pause and take care of yourself. Life teaches us through love and it also teaches us through pain.

Where might you not be listening to your intuition?

Where might you need to take more time out for stillness and self-awareness?

Are their areas in your life you're not paying attention to?

Are you receiving inner guidance that you're ignoring?

5. Remember that nothing lasts forever — even difficult times.

Know you'll get through this hard time. If you heed the messages to do what's needed to take care of yourself and remain open to the lessons, you WILL be brought to the next level in your life. There's meaning and purpose to our circumstances, though we might not know what that is at the time.

We don't have to know it all, as a matter of fact. All we need to know is that we WILL get through it, and there will be an even brighter light shining from within if we surrender and open our hearts to what is.

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