You Spend 97,000 Hours At Work. Is It Worth It?

Written by Cynthia Belmer

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend at work? Have you ever considered evaluating your work environment based on your personal values and needs?

Most of us disregard these two important factors even though we spend most of our life at a workplace we may not be fond of. Based on the latest Gallup survey, 70% of employees hate their job, and the number of people who are voluntarily leaving the workforce is higher than ever.

Yet most people stick around at their job even if they’re not inspired or encouraged, and even if their occupation isn't aligned with their core values.

I totally understand that responsibilities in life take a big toll on a lot of families, but is being in a toxic work environment the only solution to feed the souls?

In fact, I’ve calculated the average number of hours we spend at work from the age of 18 to 65, and the number exceeds 97,000 hours if we were to work only eight hours a day.

Can you imagine yourself being in a job that drains you for more than 97,000 hours in your life?

Our jobs are one way to express our deepest voice within us. If you’re allowing your voice to be squished on regular basis, then you’re allowing it to die. Most people look so stressed and unhappy in their jobs because they’re not expressing their unique voice.

If you spend eight hours at work every day, that’s more than you spend in your own home (excluding when you sleep) which makes your workplace your secondary shelter.

Now, imagine you’re living in a house that hasn't been cleaned for 30 years. You see piles of trash everywhere, dust, dirt and so on. The toxicity of this house is going to get to your health, and it may actually kill you.

The same is applied for the workplace; just replace the trash with bully bosses and coworkers who are ready to eat you alive to get a promotion.

I'm not saying that this illustrates every single workplace in the corporate world. But if you’re spending more than 97,000 hours of your life in a negative place, then it’s time for you to become aware of the physical, emotional and spiritual risks of your own being.

Many think that there’s something wrong with them if they hate the job they have because many would die to have such a dream job.

However, you’re constantly changing and evolving. Your current dream may be very different from the one you had in the past because someone told you that’s the way to do things.

Quit living someone else’s dream and start living yours. Start taking care of your soul and express your own voice through every single action you take in your life.

If you’re unhappy, do something about it instead of watching yourself drain. Any solution is better than wasting 97,000 hours on something that you hate and that is killing you slowly from the inside.

Take immediate action and use the questions below to evaluate if you're in a work environment that feeds positivity to every part of your being:

What are the core values that are embedded in your being? Why do you do what you do?

What are your company's values? If you don't know them, contact your HR and get the company's handbook. All this information should be there.

Compare your own values with your company’s and see what they have in common.

Write down what is your ideal work environment

How is your company's environment aligned with your ideal one?

Leave in the comments below one thing you truly desire to have in your ideal work environment.

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