3 Shocking Food Confessions From A Health Coach

Everyone has their little food secrets. The big, heart-opening, mind-awakening clincher? They don’t actually need to be kept secret. The best way to move beyond food obsession, addiction and related issues is by sharing your struggles with like-minded peers.

Are you embarrassed that you ate a whole box of chocolates in one sitting? Or that an entire bag of potato chips only lasted one night?

It’s ok. Acknowledging fears and challenges is the ONLY way to move beyond them. If we keep them all bottled up, they'll manifest in destructive ways, and our challenges — minor or major — will spiral in the wrong direction and leave us feeling hopeless and out of control.

So I invite you to share your Food Confessions with me. They could be large or small. Do you hate green juice, eating kale, or do you secretly devour a pint of ice cream every night? Everyone faces food challenges, and the only way to evolve is to brainstorm together and create simple shifts to get you moving in a positive direction.

Let’s get started. I’ve dealt with a lot in the food jungle, so it's only fair that I begin by making a few confessions of my own:

  • For a large portion of my life, I denied myself vitality by enforcing strict veganism. I respect vegans immensely, but as unique humans, we must acknowledge that veganism doesn’t work for everybody. Some people need clean, humanely raised animal protein to fuel their bodies, stay focused and reduce cravings. Experiment with protein types and amounts to see what feels best for you. Don’t deny yourself on the basis of trendy “conventions” when your gut is telling you otherwise.
  • I once ate an entire jar of Nutella in one day while studying abroad in Italy. Physically, I was naturally thin, but mentally, I felt like an absolute disaster. The good news? There was a tangible reason for this action: I was living in Italy, land of delicious bread and pasta. I quickly forgot about my classic blood type O tendencies, and my need for animal protein. When we don’t eat enough protein, animal or plant-based, we crave chocolate. Eat enough protein and you won’t need a jar of Nutella to sate you. Lesson learned.
  • I hate chopping garlic! I’m an avid chef, but I avoid it at all costs. If I can’t get someone else to do it, I’ll crush it with a knife, slice it, or better yet, roast it whole. This produces an entirely different, much sweeter flavor, but is so much easier. Another option is buying pre-chopped garlic. No, it doesn’t taste as good or give you the natural antibiotic, antimicrobial effects fresh garlic does, but it’s worth it! If you hate doing a cooking task, it’s better to make the necessary substitution to cook at home. Home-cooked meals are naturally much healthier, and if you need to make small sacrifices to make them a reality, so be it!

Large or small, what are some of your Food Confessions? Email me at LulaBrownHolistics@gmail.com, or tweet me @lulabellebr. Your confession, and my answer, could appear here on MindBodyGreen, or on my website www.lulabrownholistics.com. Let’s talk!

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