Why I'm Committed To Breaking Through Self-Doubt

When I trust the flow of the universe, everything seems so simple. I don’t worry if someone's going to beat me to the finish line. I’m not concerned about doing things best or fastest or first. I'm confident and secure that I'm right where I’m supposed to be.

I taught a workshop in Dallas recently. I've been nervous to teach there. Dallas is a big market. I wasn’t sure anyone would show up. I had the self-limiting belief loop playing in my head: Who do you think you are? Like anyone would show up to take your class in such a huge market with so many options! 

I went for it anyway. I booked the workshop. I used my social media channels ad nauseam to promote it. I decided to stop falling prey to the fear that I'm not good enough.

The week before the workshop, the studio owner contacted me. “Wow, you’re getting a really good response for this workshop,” he said in disbelief. I laughed. The day before the workshop, he contacted me again. “This is the biggest attendance we’ve ever had!” he exclaimed.

The day of the workshop, even more people showed than were booked in advance.

I taught the workshop. It was a raging success. Due to popular demand, we’ve already booked a follow up in the fall.

In Baron Baptiste’s new book, Being of Power, he describes a breakthrough:

"A breakthrough is when you step through some energetic veil to where what was limiting you is now behind you and you’re standing in a completely new space. Creating fearless connection with others in your life transports you out from behind your self created walls. You discover the ability to relate to people more deeply and from your purest, fullest, most unfettered way of being."

The way to break down the barriers is through an even simpler practice: being transparent and telling the truth from the heart. Always. Everywhere. With everyone.

I commit to having a breakthrough in the area of self-doubt. I will stop doubting myself. Furthermore, I realize that when I doubt life, life doubts me. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. I will stop doubting myself and I will stop doubting that everything is happening exactly the way it should. The universe is infinitely kind. I am committed to being fully connected to this wisdom and allowing the universe to bring me exactly what I need, when I need it.

I offer this practice humbly to you. Where are you committed to a breakthrough?

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