Why Marrying Myself Was The Best Move I Ever Made

I was blessed to live in the rice paddies of Bali, surrounded by a culture that deeply honors the heart. Most of my days were spent in Balinese rituals, delicious bodywork, and deep internal work with both Balinese and Western healers to remove my barriers to self-love. 

I hoped that this deep inner work would finally lead me to find my divine right partner for a loving committed relationship. I was 36 and frustrated that this area of my life had not yet fallen into place.

Shortly after my return from Bali, I had a dream that changed the course of my life. In this dream, it was the final episode of Sex and the City but instead of Carrie Bradshaw marrying Mr. Big, all the characters had a commitment ceremony in which they married themselves.

I decided that it was time to make a commitment to me: It was time to marry myself. And on April 5, 2012, I married myself in a ceremony for one in Big Sur, California (at the Esalen Institute, a place that has a big history for me).

I can't describe all of the amazing transformations that happened after I said "I do,” but here’s one of my favorites.

On November 11, 2012 (a few months after I'd married myself), I spent my first magical day at the beach with a man who is my Twin Flame. We both recognized very quickly that we were meant to be together.

I believe that my journey to attracting this amazing man (his name is Erich) started with the sacred time I spent in Bali healing my wounds to really loving myself.

Unlike Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love, I didn’t meet my honey in Bali, but the inner work I did in Bali paved the way for me to energetically attract this amazing man into my life. Marrying myself told the universe that I was committed to removing the barriers I had to receiving love from another who could truly appreciate me for who I am.

My Beloved and I are getting married next month on summer solstice in a wedding at Rodeo Beach and our reception is on my beloved mountain, Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California.

I believe that the key to attracting our divine right partner (and everything else we want in life) comes from fully committing to ourselves and healing the wounds to loving ourselves. I invite you to be part of a growing movement of people saying “I do” to themselves first.

It’s in this powerful energetic space that we truly attract a partner that is an energetic match for who we are.

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