Surprising Things A 10-Day Juice Fast Taught Me

Written by Brandee James

As you probably know by now, a juice fast will do wonders for your health. As my husband and I can attest, we're brighter, sharper, and less burdened after our 10-day fast from solid food, not to mention the fact that we have over 60 delicious juice recipes under our belt.

But what was more fascinating was the change in our spirit. We're undoubtedly more grateful than when we started, but the real change began in our minds. We quickly found that when we were made weak, we were our strongest. Here are just a few of the surprising things this difficult, but rewarding, juice fast taught us:

1. It revealed what controlled me.

Consider the amount of time you spend thinking about food, planning, shopping, organizing, preparing, presenting and eating it. These daily habits occupy a lot of space in our minds without our even stopping to consider it. When you remove the controlling force, practice delayed gratification and open yourself up to new habits, the driving lust behind food loses its charm. What's left? A lot of space to create new, healthy habits.

2. It made me more aware of my thought life.

Have you ever considered the hundreds of thousands of thoughts, both negative and life-giving, that run through your mind each day? Well, when you're hungry little else matters. And I think that's the point. Very quickly — because of your need, or perceived need — the negative seems to fade and gratitude sprouts up in its place. Gradually the little things you may once have overlooked are overwhelmingly obvious for the blessings they truly are.

3. It revealed areas that needed attention. 

A juice fast works immediately, detoxifying your body. Within hours we felt the aches and pains and fatigue associated with the natural detox process. It was no different for our minds. Simply put, when you eliminate food, acknowledge your weakness and seek comfort, very quickly you recognize areas that need attention in your life. Quite frankly, you're humbled. Our lack of sleep and deep fatigue was revealed instantly. Our lack of attention to our deeper spiritual hunger was awakened. We also created more intentional time to connect with each other on a deeper level, daring to be more vulnerable, loving and kind in our new marriage.

4. It allowed for time to think, meditate, dream and create. 

When you release yourself from your typical schedule, and give your mind, body and soul a much needed inner and outer sabbath through juice fasting, you awaken space to dream and create. Writing, meditating and praying all seem necessary during the fast for sustenance, rather than “something we should do but never get to” when not fasting. Creative projects seem to be given new life, and dreams and hopes for the future seem more tangible. Plus, there's time and space to think through new healthy goals to make your vision for work, family or health a reality.

While a 10-day juice fast may seem daunting, I encourage you welcome this unique tool to rewire your mind and heart. Here's how to get started:

  • Consult your doctor before beginning any sort of extended fast.
  • Research, gather recipes and invest in a juicer.
  • Consider sharing the experience with a partner, friend or coworker for accountability and support.

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