Must-Read for Moms-to-Be: 10 Conscious Cooking & Eating Tips From Organically Raised

Becoming a parent motivates many people to become more interested in healthy living and healthy eating for themselves and their children. The complex world of nutrition is daunting for adults, and even less understood for the delicate stomachs and digestive systems of babies and toddlers. Luckily, mother and baby food entrepreneur, Anni Daulter, shares the rules of nutrition, the ritual of conscious cooking, and delicious recipes for babies and toddlers in Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers.

Dautler shows how busy parents can prepare the most delicious and nutritious food for their children without spending all evening in the kitchen. From creating a family ritual around cooking and meals, to purchasing the right equipment for your kitchen, to stocking your pantry with the necessary staples, Daulter shares the fundamentals of creating a healthy kitchen. The main ideas of Daulter's baby food philosophy are good words to live by for babies and parents alike: "organic, mindful, seasonal, flavorful, international." From "Baby Eva's Sweet and Savory Green Lentil, Sweet Potato and Broccoli Blend," to "Mayasita's Cuban Black Beans" to "Joey's Roasted Coconut Oat Balls," Organically Raised includes delicious and easy recipes for your child's sweet and savory teeth -- it's a must read for any mom-to-be!

Below are my ten favorite of Daulters tips to nurture your child's body and mind and create the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating:

1. Practice the "Fundamental Five."

"When it comes to preparing meals for babies and toddlers, I use a simple philosophy that I call the Fundamental Five: organic, mindful, seasonal, flavorful, international."

2. Buy local.

"By purchasing locally grown foods at your community farmers market, you learn to be conscious of where and how your food is grown and become acquainted with the seasonal foods available in your area."

3. Be a healthy eating role model.

"If our children see us paying attention to what we eat, there's a better chance they they will do the same."

4. Set the right intentions.

"Hang this mantra in your kitchen 'Every meal prepared in this kitchen will be done with love, joy, and the intention of feeding my family, in body, mind, and spirit.'"

5. Create a ritual.

"Being focused when we prepare foods, making conscious decisions to eat family meals together, and infusing our food preparations with our happy intentions -- these are foundation of mindfulness."

6. Take a seat.

"It is important for your baby to feel like a part of your family right from the beginning, so let him eat with you at the table. Set a wooden high chair close by, or use one without a tray so it can pushed right up to the table."

7. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket.

"Begin by purchasing fewer packaged, shelf-stable foods. In general these are more expensive, excessively processed and less nutritious than food you prepare at home."

8. Go for the glass, wood or stainless steel containers.

"Be mindful of your choice of bottles. Some plastic bottles, when heated give off a chemical called bisphenol A, BPA, which can be toxic to babies and young children."

9. Get the right gear.

"It is essential that you invest in either a food processor or a blender to puree your baby's food. These appliances come in various sizes , and any type will work. A medium-size food processor will allow you to puree enough food for a few meals at a time."

10. Avoid the microwave.

"Reheating food by microwave oven is not much faster than by stove top, so why not take the extra seconds and follow the more natural approach? New studies have shown that microwaving food breaks down its nutritional content."

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