Road Trips, Camping & Hotels: 5 Tips For Healthy Adventuring

Written by Sara Seinberg

Road trips and camping and picnics galore! The sun is out and folks are getting freaky with the Vitamin D. I love the humanity thaw in the spring. This is the time we being to plot our highway adventures and back road escapes. Along with all the healthy things associated with getting away from it all, there are also some hazards that tend to crop up along with all the new produce. Road trip food is notoriously nuclear, and camping trips have seen their fair share of unpronounceable items standing in for food.

Of course, the great news is that our getaways have healthy alternatives that are easy. Even spontaneous, last-minute trips can feel fantastic at the drop of a sleeping bag. From road trip to campout to hotel life, here are a few easy ways to keep life on the road feeling as good as it gets.

1. Keep a cooler in the trunk. 

Get yourself a nice, small cooler to keep in the trunk of your car for those wild-hair moments of hitting the road. That way, if you leave right from work, it’s easy to head to your local co-op or farmers market and get enough supplies to get you where you’re going. Any gas station will have ice to sell, and you’ll be all set with road snacks like carrots and hummus, coconut water, fresh berries and some mixed raw nuts.

2. Consult the magic phone. 

It’s easier than ever now avoid the pit stop mayhem of fast food and sugar apocalypse. In case the cooler didn’t make the trip, just enter in a search for a co-op, a health food store or a chain grocery that leans toward health. Instead of rolling off into a sugar coma, you can roll into a fresh-pressed juice, a quinoa bowl or a salad bar.

3. Don't be afraid to speak up.

Just go ahead and ask. Hotel chefs really want their diners to leave happy. If you don’t see anything on the menu at a hotel that works for you, almost ANY establishment with a restaurant will be able to whip up an easy vegetable sautee for you with rice. Some chefs are so happy to have a creative assignment out of the ordinary that these requests come as a delight to them. Just ask for what you want, and more often than not, the kitchen is happy to give healthy a try.

4. Prepare, prepare, prepare. 

Prep is the bomb. If you have some time before you head out, bring containers of pre-washed and sliced veggies galore. Just pop them onto some foil, toss with your marinade or dressing and put the whole dang thing on the grill. Plus, prepping also cuts down on the camping dishes and makes hunting for the knife by firelight a thing of the past.

5. Consider a house.

With and Airbnb gaining steam, renting a house where you’re headed might be a great option. These places may come with a kitchen you can cook in, and the money you save from cooking your own food may very well cover the cost of a rental car for you to drive around your vacation hood and make the scenic route even better. Maybe you even get a private pool!

Happy vacationing, everyone. And after 15 minutes of your vitamin D, don’t forget the sunscreen.

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