I Went To My High School Reunion & It Didn't Kill Me

I recently attended my 15-year High School Reunion. It was my first, and maybe last. I was not popular, adorable, gifted or athletic in school. I was very average, (perhaps just like you?). Here’s what I learned.

1. Your high school reunion will be uncomfortable, just like life can be. 

And like most social scenarios, it gets better after about 10 minutes.

2. The popular, pretty girls are still pretty and skinny... 

... But now they’re nice for the most part, so give them a break. High school may have been harder for them than it was for you anyway. It’s really fun to see a bunch of women from your past cut loose and enjoy a night away from the kiddos and make new friends. Turns out that uber-gorgeous girl, who you thought would never be your friend, probably would, and she’s really nice.

3. Reunions are really hard for some people (probably who you never expected). 

Many won’t show. Some show and are train wrecks, weirdos, and/or disasters, which is just hard to see. But most who show up are fun, open for conversation, and genuinely want to catch up and learn about you and your life since high school. So take a chance and open up.

4. Some assholes never grow up. 

They will sit in a group in the corner, talk about people, act high and mighty, but not have as much fun as you. So just like life, to hell with them.

5. The hot guy in high school…yeah, he liked you too and he will tell you. 

And you know what, that’s OK. Enjoy it, but keep it in check and remember you’re both exactly where you’re supposed to be. This holds true to most similar situations. Enjoy the compliment, but keep it in check.

6. It’s going to be awkward, you’ll have strange dreams, it’ll make you question things and bring up old feelings, and it’s ok.

It will help you grow in some way or another and it connects you to your roots, whether you like them or not. It’s all part of your story and what make you, YOU!!

7. It’s worth going to at least one, so you can say you did. 

Think: bucket list. If you get bored or just aren’t feeling it, you can just leave. That’s what I did, and it was worth crossing off my bucket list.

8. If you have baggage from high school, this will finally release it. 

Things look so different 10, 20, or 30 years later than they did back then. It’s worth the trip down memory lane to heal. You’ll make new “old” friends. (Yeah, the kids you didn’t hang with in school end up being really fun to connect with!) And it’ll help you move on.

9. You were probably a little cooler than you realized, and probably are today too! 

Remember the popular girls who treated (see above, #2), and the hottie who liked you (see above, #5)? That said, live your beautiful life to the fullest, check the High School reunion off of you bucket list. It will turn out better than you expect, just like things always do in this crazy, wonderful life!

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