How To Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

Written by Lauren Burke

You are what you eat.

This is a principle that every nutritionist, foodie, athlete and ... well ... human being can relate to! It makes sense that what we put in our body has a direct impact on what shows up on our skin. It's through our skin that a great percentage of toxins are released throughout the day, and although we can't control many of the environmental toxins we meet during the day (pollution, secondhand smoke etc) we do have control of exactly what goes in our body.

In order to create a radiant, glowing complexion that Miranda Kerr would be jealous of, it is important to incorporate a number of key vitamins and minerals into your daily diet:

Vitamin A helps form new skin cells.

Good sources of vitamin A are sweet potatoes, carrot, fish oils and egg yolks.

Vitamin B keeps skin smooth and supple.

You can get vitamin B from oily fish, eggs, soy products and whole grains.

Vitamin C is essential for production of collagen, keeps your skin elastic and prevents sagging.

Citrus fruits, cauliflower, papaya, tomatoes and strawberries all provide healthy doses of this vitamin.

Zinc is vital to immune system and the healing of scars and wounds, deficiency creates a dull complexion and lumps under skin.

Get your zinc from pepitas, sunflower seeds, seafood, cheese, red meat, brewer’s yeast, mushrooms, eggs and whole grains.

Antioxidant-rich foods mops up free radicals in the body.

Blueberries, raspberries, acai berries, goji berries, green tea and raw cacao are all loaded with antioxidants.

High-quality omega-3s, -6s and -9s help create a glowing complexion by reducing inflammation, promoting cell growth and controlling the oils and fats in our body.

Nuts and seeds (especially walnuts and chia), avocado, coconut and its oil, olives and their oils, oily fish, tahini

A note on dairy … If your body doesn’t have an issue with dairy, then you can continue eating it. Dairy and skin aren't normally friends; high-quality probiotic yogurt should be the only dairy you eat if you chose to eat it.

A sample day for healthy, glowing skin:

Breakfast: A bowl of oats topped with blueberries, flaxseeds and probiotic yogurt OR rice milk. Bonus: sprinkle with acai berries and raw cacao.

Morning snack: A fresh orange and a green vegetable juice.

Lunch: Rye bread spread with an avocado, sliced tomato, sprouts and a dollop of hummus. Side salad of greens and fresh-cut vegetables drizzled with olive oil, plus a green tea

Afternoon snack: A fresh young coconut and homemade trail mix: walnuts, pepitas, goji berries, almonds, Brazil nuts

Dinner: Salmon grilled in coconut oil, with brown rice, grilled mixed vegetables with a sprinkle of toasted seeds and a dressing of coconut oil, tamari and lemon juice.

Dessert: Dark chocolate, mixed berries and either probiotic yogurt or coconut yogurt

What goes into your body is entirely up to you! And your skin is an insight into your diet, your stress and what you put on it — treat your body like the temple it is!

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