Martha Stewart: It's Never Too Late To Bloom

Martha Stewart is a busy lady these days: the 72 year-old entrepreneur just joined, she's got a new book out about living the good life after 40, and she still finds time to blog. Her latest post over at LinkedIn is a must-read for late bloomers everywhere.

She stole our hearts with her first line: "When we take care of ourselves, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish..."


And her piece is filled with other gems, like this one:

I believe it’s never too late to bloom. I started my catering business when I was 40 and published my first book, Entertaining, the following year, in 1982. My doctor, in the sit-down session after the physical exam, exclaimed: “You are a late bloomer.” I took his remarks as a compliment and have never forgotten that it is, indeed, never too late to start a project, never too late to realize a dream. In 1982 I was actually just getting started. More than a decade later, when I was in my fifties, I launched my own company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Three cheers for taking care of yourself and living your healthiest life at any age!

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