8 Meditation Tips For Moms

Written by Tracie Braylock

Quiet moments of solitude may be fond memories of the life you used to live before you became a mom. Your wonderful children require much of your time and energy now, and you often challenge yourself to rethink your current routine. Your days may no longer be filled with endless opportunities to relax in silence, but there are several effective ways to start and maintain a meditation practice.

Meditation is the art of training your mind to be calm, silent and at peace. Here are 8 tips for cultivating a meditation practice when you’re a mom.

1. Keep things slow and steady. 

Your meditation practice may begin with only one session each week and expand to include several days or multiple meditations each day. Whatever practice works for you, begin slowly and keep practicing. The rewards of your practice are worth the effort.

2. Meditate in the morning.

Meditate in the morning before your family wakes up to ensure that your session is quiet, private and you receive the maximum benefit of your practice.

3. Set a timer. 

Set a timer or alarm that will signify completion of your meditation session. This will ensure that you’re not constantly checking the clock to determine how much time remains during each session.

4. Just breathe.

If and when thoughts like your children and to-do list cross your mind, focus on the gentle flow if your breath. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Do not attempt to control your breath, just breathe and allow the thoughts to fade away.

5. Embrace the unexpected. 

You will encounter moments throughout your day that are calm and quiet. Seize those unexpected moments and embrace the opportunity to meditate wherever you are.

6. Have compassion. 

The reality is that there will be days when you simply won’t complete your full meditation session. Relax and show yourself a bit of compassion. Being gentle with yourself will increase your chances of developing a sustainable meditation practice instead of one filled with guilt and ridicule.

7. Be restored. 

Meditation enhances clarity and energy levels, while increasing opportunities for healing in your mind, body and spirit.

8. Be patient. 

Be patient with yourself and your family as your meditation practice may take some getting used to for you and your family. This is okay. Just be patient and your practice will soon become a permanent part of your routine.

Cultivating your meditation practice is an investment in your health and wellness. This free tool can support your efforts to be the best Mom that you can be as you navigate everyday life. Start now and immediately enjoy the many benefits of meditation!

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