Clean Out Your Pantry To Live Healthier

Spring is FINALLY here! It’s the perfect time to clean which, typically means spiffing up clothes closets and other cluttered area, but what about your food cabinets, fridge and pantry?

Your kitchen needs some TLC right now, so here are five quick and easy tips how to help you rejuvenate your cabinets while helping you eat and live better. Throw away anything you see below!

1. Examine expiration dates on items in the fridge and pantry. 

Dried herbs and spices may not list an actual expiration date, but they don’t keep their potency for much more than about a year.

2. Inspect ingredient labels.

Look for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, sugar as the 1st or 2nd ingredient, mono-sodium glutamate (MSG.) and carrageenan.

3. Bypass BPA.

Notice how many cans containing BPA you have (especially anything with tomato) and next time you go shopping start buying only BPA-free brands like Eden Organics, or food that comes in glass jars instead.

4. Check containers.

If you’re using those Chinese food take-out containers to store your healthy, homemade leftovers, you’re not doing yourself any favors! Look for glass or BPA-free plastic containers. And never microwave or reheat food in a plastic container, even if it says microwave safe.

5. Ditch the junk. 

It’s not that you can never have a treat, but if it’s not in your kitchen, you won’t eat it. Better save the ice cream, cookies or any other indulgence as a treat when you’re out and about or ordering dessert in a restaurant!

If you’re getting rid of unopened, unexpired goods, you can always donate to a local charity, food bank or shelter. Once you've cleaned out your pantry, cabinets and fridge, don’t forget to reward yourself by restocking your kitchen with good stuff like fresh, organic, local fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and the like. Not only can you enjoy a roomier and more organized kitchen, your body and waistline will thank you as well!

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