How To Say Thank You Even When Life Seems To Say No

Written by Jennifer Pastiloff

As you may have seen on my Facebook or video blogs, I went to see Rose Alma in the hospital last Saturday while I was in Atlanta to host a workshop at Hazard County Yoga. Rosie recently underwent an unsuccessful double lung transplant. She's one of my readers and I published a blog of hers back in the fall. I knew she had cystic fibrosis and that she seemed awesome, but not much beyond that.

A few things had to come into play for me to meet her last Saturday. One: she had to ask. She did.

She posted on my Facebook wall asking me to come see her in the hospital.

Two: I had to let go of all my excuses, such as I'm too busy, I don't have a car while I'm here in town, how will I make that happen? and the like. She asked for it and I let go of my excuses.

Incidentally, these are two major things I teach in my Manifestation workshops. And, what do you know? It was life changing when we met.

For both of us.

It was an eye-opening experience for me on many levels.

How can someone be so full of life despite going through such an experience? Watching what family really means, as her whole family and fiance are going through all of this with her. Discovering what courage looks like in the face of uncertainty. Watching what happens when you let go of excuses. Watching what happens when you ask for something (and no, that doesn't mean it always comes to you exactly as you asked for it.)

And truly watching someone manifest the life they want even as they can't talk, even as the lungs in their chest are malfunctioning, even as they can hardly breathe. Watching them manifest and attract the love that they deserve. That's inspiring. Rosie was grateful when any of us might think, "What does she have to be grateful for right now? She can't breathe."

She didn't see it that way. And for that, I'm endlessly grateful to her, and will be forever, because we need people like Rosie in the world to remind us to wake up and pay attention. That we have so much to be thankful for. Even right now. And now.

Rosie is a powerful reminder of what it means to be in a place of "Thank you" even when life seems to be giving you a big fat "No."

It's all in how we respond. It's all in how we get up and face the day and say "I deserve love. I deserve health. I deserve to be happy."

Does that mean that everything is peaches and cream and perfect? Hell no!

It means that we just keep going and we keep looking for things to say "Thank you" for.

I can't imagine NOT knowing her in the flesh now, and I'm committed to standing by her and supporting her in any way I can.

They're there. Right in front of you.


Please like Rosie's page here and send her some love or post a message to her below. There is a power in that, my beloved Tribe.

Watch the films her brother made about the transplants. They are going to make a documentary and submit it to festivals. Join the Tribe! Aside from notes to Rosie, I would love to hear below what you are thankful for right now.

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