The Mediterranean Diet Is Just As Good For Your Brain As It Is For Your Heart

Two months ago we heard the news that sticking to a Mediterranean diet is extraordinarily beneficial for cardiovascular health, but a new study reported in today's New York Times indicates that eating like a Greek may also be great for your cognitive wellbeing. As if you needed another reason to eat less meat and more vegetables!

Here's the Times on the study:

Researchers prospectively followed 17,478 mentally healthy men and women 45 and older, gathering data on diet from food questionnaires, and testing mental function with a well-validated six-item screening tool ... During a four-year follow-up, 1,248 people became cognitively impaired. But those with high adherence to the [Mediterranean] diet were 19 percent less likely to be among them. 

Demographic variables were controlled for, according to the report, meaning the likely cause for the increased cognitive abilities was indeed the diet. Unfortunately, these results didn't seem to hold true for those with Type II diabetes.

What do you think of these new findings? Is this the evidence that's convinced you to make a switch to a Mediterranean-style diet? If you already follow this dietary lifestyle, have you noticed any benefits? Let us know!

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