The Ultimate DIY Acne Remedy Trifecta (Video)

Acne can be a real pain in the ... errr ... face.

Not only is it unsightly, but these blemishes and blotches mar our beautiful faces, zap our self-confidence and can end up costing us hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars trying to treat the issue.

Sure, you could traipse through the aisles of your local pharmacy searching for that perfect product that will cure all your acne woes, but usually that product doesn't exist.

In fact, many store-bought acne treatments can actually strip your skin of the oil it needs to function at its absolute best. Though some people may think this is a good thing, especially if they have oily skin, it's not.

You see, your skin needs to produce oil in order to naturally hydrate and protect itself from future damage such as drying, cracking skin.

And while many people believe it is the oil our skin produces that is the root cause of acne, it's actually the dirt, grime and bacteria getting caught and clogging up our pores that truly causes these pimples to pop up.

So how can one blast these blemishes and blackheads for good?

You DIY of course!

Now I could ramble on about different remedies you could mix up and test out, but instead I decided to shoot a quick video highlighting my trifecta of DIY acne remedies.

What makes these homemade treatments oh-so-good-for-you isn't just the fact that they're a natural alternative to chemical-laden products, but the fact that each remedy costs less than $1 to make!

Yes. $1.

Curious to know what ingredients in your kitchen you can use to treat your acne? Click play.

But before you run off to embrace your inner DIY-in diva (or dude — I don't discriminate), I want to hear from you!

In the comment section, tell me: how do you treat your acne? Do you prefer the store-bought products or do you like to keep it au naturale?

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