Why You Need To Practice Opening Your Heart

Don't you hate it when you hear people telling their friends (or strangers) what to do and how to live their lives? Geez! I even find myself doing that every once in a while.

Or, you may read a blog online that says, “Just open your heart" as if it's a no-brainer. But what if it's difficult? What happens when coming from the heart makes you feel like you're stuck behind a thick pane of glass and there's a disconnect between where you stand and the world out there?

Can you snap your fingers, just like that, and open your heart?

If you can, you're blessed.

I couldn’t always open my heart with the snap of a finger. There have been times in my life when I couldn't wrap my mind around what it meant to do so.

In retrospect, I now realize I couldn't wrap my mind around it because we have to feel. We have to experience. No measure of logic will help. When the heart opens, so does the mind.

If you're anything like me, and you struggle with coming from a place of heart, here are some easy exercises you can do that will help you open and heal.

While they may seem difficult at first, just practice. Eventually they'll become second nature.

1. Find a quiet place to sit down.

2. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose, deep down to your belly, making sure to allow your breath to touch your heart on the way down.

3. As you sit there, allow in all of the memories or moments you’ve had in your life that have touched your heart.

4. Allow what you love or what moves your heart to come to the surface.

Many of us shove our true feelings and experiences out of our hearts at a very young age as a result of trauma or neglect. And most of us don’t even realize we are that disconnected until a major blowout transpires around us, showing us just how much pain we're really in. Staying inside of our hearts is vital to our emotional well being.

Any measure of "real time" you give yourself will help you stay connected to your heart and feelings.

I’ve given you a few tips on how you can take a breath, let go, open your heart and get connected to yourself. I’d like to hear from you as to what your plans are to implement these actions. Please leave a comment in the box below.

Also, essential oils have the power to connect you when you feel disconnected. Happy to connect if you'd like more info.

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