The Truth About Ovulation (Video)

I'm pretty much busting my little ovaries to get this segment out to you. You'll be able to tell fairly early in the clip that this is my favorite subject of all time and something EVERY single woman needs to know! I get into the ins and outs of ovulation this week on healthtalks. I could talk about this all day and all night and keep going.

You may have been told you ovulate on day 14, but for the majority, this isn't necessarily the case. In this episode, Jess Ainscough and Melissa Ambrosini get a lesson from me (Nat Kringoudis) on just how easy understanding ovulation can be and why day 14 may be so far off the mark!

Here's what you'll learn;

  • What your menstrual cycle should look like.
  • How to pinpoint ovulation by reading your body signs and tuning in to what our bodies are telling us.
  • I guide you through the cycle phase by phase.
  • How to observe ovulation for those with polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Why cervical mucus isn't gross, BUT how if these patterns change it may indicate present pathologies
  • How NOT to make a baby — naturally
  • How this is just another way your body is speaking to you.

It's all in the name of helping women better understand themselves.

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