Why Everyone Needs Healing (Even You)

Would you like to feel more energized, healthier and happier?

In my healing work and yoga teaching, I see many people suffering unnecessarily with their physical and emotional pain, maybe from disease, addictions and limiting fears.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. Healing is a powerful way to help you totally transform your body and your life.

But first, what exactly is healing?

Healing is a very broad term that refers to various tools that can be used to bring balance back to your body, mind and spirit.

Healing is a completely natural and intuitive process, where physical, mental or emotional transformation occurs over time, resulting in health and happiness.

Healing usually takes place in a safe space, working with a healing practitioner to address and shift old, limiting patterns, so that the client can gain new levels of awareness.

In my ‘Break-Through Healing’ sessions, I use a wide variety of healing tools, including yoga, meditation, massage, affirmations, visualizations, creative writing, NLP, vibrational medicine, dowsing, symbols, unconscious patterns, tapping and inner child work to help my clients heal.

Can healing help you?

If you suffer from any physical, mental or emotional pain or trauma, fears, phobias or limitations, then healing can be a powerful tool to help you feel better and get on with living your life.

Here are three specific ways that healing might be able to help you to release pain and transform it into something more useful:

1. Healing can be useful when you have a chronic disease.

If you suffer from physical pain, chronic disease or illness, it is highly likely that natural healing might be able to help you. Healing offers a more natural approach to health, without the need for using prescription medicine.

Healing works by addressing the root cause of your health problem, addressing the body, mind and emotions and bringing them back into balance naturally. Healing can help you to discover what the best approach for you really is.

2. Healing can be used to overcome addictions.

Addictions always have a cost, and if left unaddressed and unhealed, they have the power to create pain and suffering in your life.

Healing can help you to get clear on what emotions are sitting at the root cause of your addiction, along with what the real cost of an addiction is, and this can guide you to helping you understand where to put your focus.

With this knowledge, you can begin to identify what you can do to create a new set of choices for yourself. With this in mind it's possible to create a terrific life that works on all levels. If you're currently struggling with any kind of addiction, I highly recommend that you do some healing work on your addiction.

3. Healing can help you recover from chronic exhaustion.

If you are constantly feeling tired, run down and exhausted, healing can be an amazing tool to re-energize and re-inspire you.

Healing reactivates the flow and movement of your natural energy. It will bring you a new sense of clarity and will help you express and release old pent-up frustrations, confusion, chaos and blocks.

Clients often tell me after a healing session that they feel truly alive, filled with inspiration and a renewed sense of energy. This feeling of aliveness comes from reconnecting with their personal values, purpose and passions.

4. Healing is the path to your dreams.

Healing is an amazing gift to give yourself.

As someone who has healed my body from chronic disease, lost over 60 pounds naturally and now travels the world doing what I love, I know that healing really works! So, if you're like me, I know that healing can help you to achieve all your goals and dreams and I highly recommend that you get started on your healing journey today...

If you're still wondering if healing is right for you, then please feel free to get in touch with me or check out my book, 'Losing Weight is a Healing Journey'.

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