How To Nourish Your Post-Detox Body And Mind

Now that you've done your spring detoxification (or have you?) it’s time to nourish your body at the maximum level possible! You got rid of the old toxins, and now we need to avoid toxins and provide super nutrition for ourselves by taking care of our body and mind.

Your Food

In order to nourish your body in every way, you need to avoid toxic foods and indulge in nutrient-dense cleansing foods. Nourishing foods build your body up and make you feel good. They're hydrating, pure, free of chemicals and are in a natural state or close to it. Nourishing oils are cold-pressed, non-chemically expelled oils such as olive, coconut, and nut oils.

In order to nourish your body and systems, you need to decide that you will seek pure, whole foods whenever you can. You won't find these foods at fast food joints or at most restaurants. If you eat at restaurants, talk to the staff and find out what kinds of ingredients are used and how they're prepared.

At home, keep homemade vegan snacks around such as hummus, salsa, guacamole, fruit and vegetables salads. You'll be tempted to eat whatever is most available, so keep healthy foods available at all times and already prepared.

When you fix or order a plate of food, make sure you build it by selecting the vegetables (all colors), beans and legumes, and fruits first. Add some whole grains if you want. Then add a small amount of animal product if you choose. Eating this way will guarantee that you will stay healthier and avoid chronic disease. If you're already sick or healing, consider eliminating all animal and processed foods completely. If you're healthy, consider making animal products 10% of your plate or less.

Your Skin

Anything that touches your skin can be absorbed into your blood, so you should make sure anything that touches your skin is made from clean, pure, non-toxic, natural ingredients. This includes household cleaners, fragrances, makeup, soap and hair products.

Your Mind

In order to nourish your mind and emotions, slow down, meditate or do some yoga. Detach from the everyday pressure you normally put on yourself and think about your priorities. Engage in the positivity that comes into your thoughts and ignore the negativity. Do what you need to do to improve your self-esteem. Get help for your addictions. Learn some humility. Stop getting involved in everyone else’s drama and let the world happen on its own. Stop judging other people and look at yourself. Love yourself and give your time and resources freely. Make a list of nice things you can do for other people that you would enjoy. Whenever you have negative thoughts, do one of your items.

Be who you want to be. It all starts inside you. Let go of all of your expectations and your attachments to material things and outcomes.

And so, one day at a time, one thought at a time, one meal at a time, you can make yourself healthier in every way from the inside out!

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