How To Unlock Your Core Strength In Yoga (Video)

Finding the keys to core strength in yoga takes patience and dedication. Working on a posture like Lolasana can be frustrating at first, but with a clear path forward, you'll unlock the mystery. This pose can help with movements in Ashtanga Yoga known as the jump back and jump through as well, as with inversions like handstands and headstands.

Grip your fingertips on the floor and protract your shoulders, pushing forward.

Lift your pelvis forward so that the weight of your body presses into your arms and lifts into your center. Leave both feet on the ground for five breaths and then return to sitting on your shins.

Next repeat the same movement lift one foot off the ground. If you have the right foot crossed over the left to start, you should lift your left foot. Hold this for five breaths and then switch the sides to create an even balance between the sides.

Finally, to test our full expression of the posture see if you can squeeze into your center, protract your shoulders while lifting both feet off the ground. Don’t jump your feet, just keep leaning forward until you can pull the weight of your body into the center.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that strength is all upper body. However, in order to fully integrate strength with the deep inner work of the practice you need to activate your torso and the core muscles are strongly, if not more strongly, then the muscles of the upper body. You can either integrate this movement into your daily practice or do this separately as a core strengthening exercise.

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