Baron Baptiste's New Challenge: Yoga for MS

Baron Baptiste has taught yoga to the Philadelphia Eagles football team, actresses Helent Hunt and Elisabeth Shue, and now he's taken on a new challenge: multiple sclerosis patients. Baptisted has teamed up with Dr. Elliot Frohman, an MS specialist, to create an in-home yoga program called My MS Yoga.

Baron on yoga and MS:

"Yoga really works with their unique situations....People with MS tend to have similar complications and issues -- balance, muscle stiffness, fatigue and depression. Yoga is great because it is very adaptable. Even if you're very, very limited physically, you can practice yoga... We're cultivating balance, restoration, calmness and regeneration"

Baron on the success of the program:

"I've seen people in wheelchairs who haven't moved their bodies for years, people who led physical and athletic lifestyles before it was all taken away from them... And you should see their faces light up when they start doing the yoga. It's really meaningful for them to get their bodies back and to move."

Dr Elizabeth Hartman, an MS Fellow at the University of Chicago on yoga and MS:

"Yoga, with its focus on core strength, stretching and relaxing, can be particularly beneficial for MS patients. It can help compensate for other weaknesses the patients might have... It allows patients to take control of their disease and their life."

Kendall Freeman, a 24-year-old wife and mother of two, was diagnosed with MS at age 19:

"It allows you to concentrate on breathing, and thinking about you... You close your eyes and concentrate on you. There are lots of holistic benefits. You say to yourself, 'I'm in control, it's not.'"

Namaste to that!

You can check out the entire story at the Chicago Tribune.

Here's Baron's site:

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