Thinking About Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better

Do you think that exercising improves sleep? A new study suggests that it may be that thinking that exercise improves sleep improves sleep. There are other great tidbits about overtraining, and working out late in the evening -- and their effects on sleeping. The New York Times has the scoop on this interesting study.

The importance of perception:

"Researchers found almost no correlation between how much students exercised and how well they slept. What mattered was whether they believed that they were being active enough. Those students who perceived that they were fit slept well. Those who didn’t, did not."

Working out too hard isn't good either:

"Hard, long workouts or severe overtraining may be just as likely, in fact, to lead to wakefulness and sleep problems..."

Working out late at night:

"There is 'absolutely no scientific evidence' that working out in the late evening keeps you from sleeping.."

Worrying about sleeping isn't a good thing:

"Still, the most practical advice that science can offer at the moment about exercise and sleep is not to fret too much about whether you’re getting enough of either. Worrying, as the Swiss study showed, is what will keep you awake long into the night."

Feeling good about exercise is most important:

"It does not matter how much exercise you actually complete... as long as it make you feel good and feel fit..."

You can read the entire story at The NY Times here.

image via Luca Iannuzzi/Flickr

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