Karolina Kurkova's Post-Baby Weight Loss Secrets: Pilates, Eating Healthy, Natural, and Local Foods!

Six months ago, supermodel Karolina Kurkova gave birth at home (yes, home-delivery!). She's already back to her pre-pregnancy body due to a Pilates practice and a focus on eating healthy, natural, locally-produced foods.

She talked with W Magazine about her diet and workout. Here are some of the highlights:

Staying active during her pregnancy:

"I didn't gain much weight, and I think the secret was really staying active throughout my pregnancy. I did Pilates, a lot of weight training, I walked a lot and I traveled. I lived my life, you know?"

On eating healthy pre-baby:

And I was eating really healthy, taking good supplements and vitamins, drinking green juices and just making sure I was putting the best stuff in my body. I didn't eat much junk, and I was lucky I didn't really crave it, either. So I'm all about listening to your body. But obviously you want to try to give it more natural foods, and fruits, good vitamins, fish oils, fiber. Lots of fiber when you're pregnant!"

On eating healthy and local foods post-baby:

"I just try to eat really healthy. I always do my own thing. We still do a lot of fresh green fruit juices, and try to cook as much as we can so that everything's light, delicious and gluten-free. We don't really eat anything that's white, or processed. And we try to buy things from little farms and local places to support those businesses. I'm a big believer in that."

On working with Gwyneth's trainer, Tracy Anderson:

"I've been working a lot with Tracy Anderson at her studio. After I had my baby, I wanted to try something different. I didn't want to be in the gym doing weights. And I like Tracy. She's a working mom like me and she understands that, and understands a woman's body..."

You can check out Karolina's full interview at W here.

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