5 Snacks To Always Keep In Your House

Snacks are a major weakness for many folks, so let me help you out! Here are a few staples you should always have on hand:

1. Raw nuts and seeds.

Rich in healthy fats, protein, and vitamins, these are super easy (and filling!) to travel with and snack on when you’re short on time. No excuses for poor eating on the run!

2. Seasonal, fresh, organic fruit.

If it’s in season, it’ll even save you a few bucks. Produce that grows naturally where you live will be a lot more cost effective for you to buy than the exotic varieties that have to be flown in from half way around the world. Plus, what you see if what you’ll eat! Keep your produce in a bowl in your countertop and that’ll be your go-to snack.

3. Rolled oats (go gluten-free if you want). 

Oats are so versatile! Make everything from oatmeal, to grainy granola, high fiber protein bars, or blend ‘em into a smoothie. You can make many quick, healthy snacks with these gems. Full of fiber with antioxidant compounds, this is quite a power food.

4. Garbanzo beans (organic, canned).

I’m all about foods that are “double-duty” and these are one. You can make hummus and use it as a spread on fresh bread or as dip for raw veggies. You can roast them right out of the can in some olive oil with salt & pepper at 425* for about 40 minutes and use them as a topping to bulk up a salad or eat them as a crunchy, filling snack. One of my favorite things to have on hand!

5. Plain yogurts, organic raw (if possible) cheeses.

(Please don’t burn me at the stake for including dairy in this list!) If you’re one of those lucky folks who can digest dairy easily, these are great sources of probiotics, calcium, and protein. In plain yogurt, you can chop up some fruit (or oats!) to mix in, or pair your cheese with a citrus-y fruit to help break it down.

What real foods are always in your kitchen?

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