How To Reboot Your Life & Get Healthy For Good

When I made my documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, that title was not some clever, witty statement. It literally described my life. Let me break that down for you:

FAT. I tipped the scales at over 300 pounds. I wore a size 44 jeans and very rarely ever tucked in my shirt (only if I was wearing a jacket —you learn these tips when you're a big man). SICK. Thanks to an autoimmune disease that no doctor could trace to a root cause, I had taken copious prescription medication (including the powerful steroid Prednisone) for eight years, night and day. I'd swell up and break out into hives on any part of my body that was subject to pressure, from a hand shake or sitting on a chair to lying in a bed. Anything and all pressure caused red blotches and swelling in the joints with untold pain, and even gravity was my enemy. Normal things like carrying a shopping bag, holding a baby, having sex, and walking long distances —all could have a huge impact.   Thanks to the fact that I'd turned by body into a walking time bomb, I felt as if I were NEARLY DEAD.

In desperation, I committed myself to a Reboot: eating only food that was grown on trees or dug out of the ground, foods made by the sun, water and the earth. Because I'm an impatient man, I wanted quick results, so I decided to only drink these foods for the first 60 days. Not blend, juice. (For a 60-day commitment to juicing, I needed a doctor's supervision.) That 60-day journey transformed my life. I lost the weight and tossed the pills and discovered a passion for plant-powered health and wellness. One of the greatest things about sharing my story has been watching it inspire others. We reckon that nearly 93 million glasses of fresh juice have been consumed by viewers of the film, 6 million pounds lost, and 55,000 people are now medication-free!

Thousands of people reach out to me to share their own success stories. One recent story came from Jerry in Utah. He said he was inspired to Reboot because he “wanted to be an energetic dad, not someone who sits on the couch and watches the kids from the sidelines.”

He started his first Reboot at more than 345 pounds and now weighs about 220. Amazing! Jerry now eats all types of vegetables, even though he used to avoid them at all costs. He’s maintained his weight loss for two years and has added other healthy habits like exercise. I’ve had the same results for more than five years now. I may not be the skinniest guy on the block, but I certainly don’t look like I swallowed a sheep anymore. And, I feel good. I am still medication free, I have energy, and continue to adopt healthier habits. Through my journey and hearing the stories of others, I’ve discovered that a Reboot is the perfect way to power up your system using plant-based energy flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help your body stay strong and fight disease.

The goal is to help you break a cycle of an unhealthy eating and simply enhance the quality of your diet by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. The results? Excess weight starts to pour off, your belly starts to flatten, your skin glows, you start to think more clearly, you start controlling a disease naturally rather than depending on medication, and overall you are a happier, healthier person.  And the best part about a Reboot is that it’s not a diet. Diets come and go, but this method will take you on a journey to a healthier way of living.

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